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    Born & raised in Northern Illinois in 1952. Folks had an Avion TT. Pulled it with a Chrysler Town & Country station wagon (wood grain trim and all). FFwd to 1970, last year in high school and the first year of the Selective Service Lottery. My birthday got a lottery number of 2. I could see the sh_t headed to the fan. I enlisted in the USAF. 24 years later I retired. All that time was spent as an aircraft mechanic and later a senior supervisor. Also met and married the love of my life, Kay. Worked full time for a local lumber yard until I decided to use my GI bill to get my A&P training. 2/3 rds of the way thru school I accepted a job with Cessna Aircraft Co. in Wichita KS. 17 years and 6 adopted children later, I retired again for the last time. Had a TT then also. Within a year we were two old people in a 2600 sqft house. Liquidated the S&B and found a local park in Wichita. 3 month later turned the TT into a 38 ft Bounder DP, a 22′ car hauler & a 2011 Escape and the adventure began. I come by my love of the RV honestly. Looking forward to many conversations.

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    Herb Richards


    I am also from Illinois. Born in Jacksonville, Il and raised in East Alton, IL. Enlisted in USAF in 1958. Served 20 years and 15 days. Spent 17 years on flying status. Retired as C-141A Flight Engineer with 7,142 hours logged on that aircraft. Retired at Travis AFB, CA. Remained in local area and worked for Anheuser-Busch, Inc. in Fairfield, CA for 20 years. Produced drought beer in kegs.  Retired second time and moved to Winter Garden, Fl. Been living in Florida since 1999.

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