Sunday, December 9, 2018

Travel nurse


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    Sherry Zampino

    We have been full timing since 2007 in our 31 ft class C.  Our salesman told us we would be back in 2 months to get a bigger RV but we have never felt the need.  We have “lived” all over the country and seen a lot of changes in the industry.  Every time we get a bug for a new RV we just go to a RV show and look at the poor workmanship and the prices.  Then we come back to our little nest and make some major improvement which is still a heck of a lot cheaper.  Next tear out will be the galley.  I’m sick of the fake wood and never ever use my oven.  When we go to nursing conferences more and more nurses are looking to travel full time working and living in an RV.  When we first started we had a hard time finding parks that would take us for an extended stay.  The concept was very new to them.  Now we have a hard time finding a park that has room, the park we are in right now in Eastern Washington is fantastic but does not have any overnight sights.  Many people have been here for years.  So the bad thing about full timing now no spontaneity and poor quality RVs.  The good thing more diversity in the type of people RVing and a big open country

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