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TT Horrors vs Class A/C Horrors

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    When I look at the RV Horror stories Facebook posts there a lot of posts about TTs and far fewer posts about Class A/C horrors Is this because there are many more TTs or is it possible that there are fewer issues with class A/C RVs than with TTs ?

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    One possibility, MH have to meet a DOT standard for construction.

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      Roger Marble

      Not sure what construction standards Patterbery is thinking of. As far as I know DOT would only cover chassis items such as brakes and steering plus exterior lighting. Passenger protection either is noot required for vehicles with GVWR greater than 10,000 or is limited to front driver & passenger seat belt and similar systems. Roof crushstandards are only for vehicles with GVWR less than 6,000.

      I find nothing in FMVSS 571  (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) that would cover coach construction. If you know of such I would be very interested in learning about them.

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    Dick Kashdin

    The basic problem is probably that there are many more people with travel trailers inputting information than there are people with Class A or Class C units.

    If a larger % of travel trailer people are speaking their mind against a much smaller number of Class A or Class C people, of course it will look like there are less problems with Class A or Class C units.

    So in this case the study is not comparing an equal number of TT owners with the same number of Class A/C rigs.  I will assume there are a much greater number of TT’s on the road as compared with the number of Class A/C rigs.  Thus it would seem more trouble with the larger number of that type of unit.

    Then there is the complication or the number of problems  involved with individual TT’s and Class A units.  Within the first 90 days, we documented over 100 problems with our custom ordered Class A.  Only 20% of those problems were major such as rain leaks from bad and improper slide seals, improper plumbing and electrical work.  Most were fit and finish, blemishes and such.  A 30 day stay with the Factory Service Center completed all repairs under warranty.  That is most likely the equal to at least 8 TT problem units.  However the 5th wheel trailer are getting longer and more complicated and may catch up with Class A problems.

    Most RV Lemon Laws do not cover the “Living Quarters”.  That is where most of the problems occur and he laws need to be changed.  However the RV Manufacturer Lobbyists will fight that tooth and nail.


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    Roger Marble

    I am very confident that the reason for the different numbers is the significant difference in number of units sold each year. Many times people just look at the total number of complaints on a product and do not dig deeper to learn about the “RATE”. I see this with tires. With a vast majority of ST type tires being applied to TT coming from China I am not surprised that the vast majority of tires with complaints are from China.  I suppose it would be similar to claiming that RV workers in Indiana are bad workers because most of the complaints on workmanship on TT come from TT built in Indiana.

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