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Unhooking a 5th wheel

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    I find when unhooking our 5th wheel on uneven ground that the Andersen Ball pops out of the kingpin receiver. I am looking for a solution to this problem please. Thank you, Miles

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    George Osborne

    Do you have a Fifth wheel hitch with a King Pin or a Conversion to a Gooseneck Ball Hitch?

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    Hello George, I have the Anderson pyramid base which is secured to rails in the bed of my truck. On the king pin is a coupler with a ball-funnel that drops onto the ball of the pyramid base when hooking up. My problem is when unhooking the ball pops out of the coupler when on uneven ground. I have put scissor squeezes between the tires and chalks under the tires to help in preventing movement when disconnecting. I am still experiences movement and not a smooth disconnect from the ball. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Miles

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    George Osborne

    I found that after I install the chocks on the trailer, but before releasing the hitch, if I take the tow vehicle out of park, put it in neutral, then release the park brake this will release the tension on the hitch.  After releasing the tension, put the vehicle back in park and reset the park brake.  It doesn’t always feel like there is much movement but, it seems to help relieve the “bind” on the hitch.  I do this before lowering the landing jacks or just as they are starting to lift the trailer.

    Can’t guarantee this will work but, it should worth the price to try.

    Hope it helps.


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    I have used an older Andersen hitch with my B&W turnover ball for several years now.At first I had the same problems of unloading the fifth wheel…I started using slide out rail lube on the ball and sprayed it up inside the adapter and have had no issues since.

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    I think the problem has to do with the pin box having to be raised much higher to clear the ball. The 5th wheel is pivoting at the wheels and the pin box is rising on an arc, reward. I also notice when hitching up, as the ball slides into the coupler and the weight settles onto the truck I can see the front jack feet sliding back a couple of inches.  I’ve tried moving the chocks on the trailer wheels and I ‘ve tried placing blocks on the truck tires with several inches of slack and putting the truck in neutral but doesn’t really seem to make any difference.

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    Dnnis Okey

    Mine does the same thing. I believe it’s because the angle changes as you raise the trailer up off the ball.

    I have not been bothered by it yet but believe if you put someone in the cab of truck with transmission in neutral and no brake, the truck will go back slightly as you raise the trailer to account for the change in angle. The ball should ease out of the hitch adapter.

    Let me know if it works and I will try next spring.

    PS, love my Anderson hitch as it gave me back the bed of my truck. I can easily pull hitch by myself as I no longer have my son at home to help pull a traditional fifth wheel hitch.

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