Thursday, December 8, 2022


A Nut Job can make detailing your RV’s wheels easier


By Chris Dougherty
Certified RV technician

We recently received a box from “Crusher” with some samples of his new product he calls the “Nut Job.” Right then and there I knew I would never forget this one. This is a product and company name designed to elicit puns.

The Nut Job, made by HaHa, LLC, of Bluff City, Tenn., is a detailing tool for cars and RVs — or their wheels, to be more exact. The device is designed to make cleaning deluxe wheels with chrome lug nut covers a breeze, and it does, according to the product’s inventor Randy “Crusher” Lewis.

There are two different sizes of Nut Job. The big Nut Job is for Class A motorhomes and big trucks, and the small Nut Job is for cars and trailers. To clean the lug nuts, simply place the open end over the lug nut and spin to clean. The unit utilizes removable and machine washable socks as a cleaning medium, and the device and sock will expand to cover various-sized lug nuts.

In addition to cleaning nuts, the Nut Job’s other end can be used to get into tight spaces around the spokes in some wheels. Take that sock off and there’s a screwdriver to pry off a hubcap or lug nut cover. That end can also be inserted into a drill to use the Nut Job as a (slow) spin cleaner to clean those difficult spots in the spokes of the wheel, according to the company.

The Nut Job is sold factory direct and can be found at the company’s website. The big Nut Job retails for $18, and the small Nut Job for $15. Replacement socks are only $3. The website has lots of information, images and videos of the product, and the founder and inventor of the Nut Job, “Crusher” Lewis, can be contacted directly via email at crushspeed(at)

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