Saturday, January 29, 2022


A simple solution to that rockin’ trailer

By Jim Twamley

If you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel you know about rock-n-roll — and I’m not referring to music. When you step onto your RV steps do they sink a little, causing the whole rig to move? You can brace the steps but that won’t solve the problem, especially in long rigs. You’ll still get movement whenever you walk around inside.

You could purchase those dandy braces that look like an erector set when you’re done, and they do help. Or, you could install two additional scissor jacks in front of the tires. This gives you a total of six stability points (seven if you have a fiver kingpin stabilizer).

I got this idea from an RVer who installed these on his Luxury by Design fiver. They really do add considerable stability to your rig. Now you can dance the night away without squeaking and creaking.

[Editor’s note: Jim’s thoughts aren’t all that expensive, either. For a little more than $40 plus shipping for 5,000 lbs. lifting capacity per jack, or about $75 with free shipping if you have Prime for 6,500 lbs. lifting capacity per jack, you can pick up a pair of stabilizer jacks from Amazon. These both provide up to 24″ extended height. They can be installed by an RVer with a small amount of do-it-yourselfer skill and some rudimentary tools.]


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