Saturday, January 14, 2023


You won’t believe how 8 RVers orchestrated The Addams Family theme song! Amazing!

Remember those characters?

Many of us grew up watching this iconic mid-’60s macabre comedy series, The Addams Family. Its stark deviation from the then-family television shows, like Lassie, sparked dark humor. Laughing at Morticia and Gomez’s interpretation of normal life in the Addams household with Wednesday and Pugsley complaining about their school issues. Filmed only in black and white added to its mystique, making it addictive.

Do you remember snapping your fingers to its theme song?

Even today, when we hear the song, we may remember its words and find ourselves humming along. Recently, in Flaming Gorge, Wyoming, eight RVers comprising the Addams Family RV Orchestra orchestrated this well-known theme song with very unusual tones.

Watch it here from Go RVing:

You will want to watch this more than once! It’s creative, to say the least!



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2 months ago

Great advertisement if you have a toilet this dirt stained but wonder how long rv/boat toilets seals/ drain valve seals can tolerate this product ?

1 year ago

That was great!

Claim The Vision
1 year ago

It was a fun video, I was one of the RVers. You can check out the Behind The Scenes video I did on YouTube here:

RV Staff
1 year ago

Thanks, Stuart! That’s really cool! And I think your behind-the-scenes video would be of interest to our readers, so I’ve passed your comment (and link to your video and your website) along to the powers-that-be, in case they want to put it in one of our newsletters. (I’m not one of them … I’m just the passer-along-er. 😆 ) Thank you for sending this to us! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing, Stuart!

1 year ago

How cute! Bet that took a lot of practice to get it to come out right!

1 year ago

Certainly demonstrates the critical need for good editing.

1 year ago


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