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These rates current through June 1, 2019

Since we began publishing online in 2001, has been committed to bringing high quality news information and advice to RVers. We have many different advertising opportunities to help you reach your targeted audience.

All ad packages are tailored to your business. Rates below are general guidelines and may be significantly less per exposure depending upon the extent of your program. Most of our advertiser’s campaigns are between $500 and $2,500 a month.

Near the bottom of this page, see a recent traffic comparison of to other popular RV websites.

Banner Ads:

Sizes: On
300 x 250 Sidebar banner
728 x 90 Homepage leaderboard
•Receives a minimum of 700,000 exposures/month. $2,500/month.
728×90 on top of all posts or by category
300×150 on right column, 150,000 exposures per month (60 percent of rates below):

COSTS (may vary according to placement):
•100,000 or fewer impressions per month, $7/thousand
•101,000 to 200,000 impressions per month, $5/thousand
•201 to 500,000 impressions per month, $4/thousand
•Half million or more impressions a month: $3.25/thousand

Geo targeted banners depending on location: Flat fee per month, $100 to $600*.
Ads targeted by category (by popularity): Flat fee per month, $100 to $600*.
*25 percent discount for small businesses and non-profits 

Advertorials/Text ads:

Advertorials, or text ads as we call them, are designed to resemble our content. They feature a small image with a bold headline and a 40-50 word description of a product or service with a link to your website. These are typically our best performing ad types.

COST: newsletter:
•One issue per month: $350
•Every other issue (approx. 2x/month) $250/insertion
All other newsletters:
•60 percent of rates above/per insertion

Advertorial opportunities:

RV Travel newsletter (1x/week)
RV Daily Tips (4x/week)
RV Electricity (1x/month)
RV Recalls (1x/month)
Beginners Guide to RVers (1x/month)

We now feature targeted advertising!

Geo-Targeted Banners

If you have a specific audience in the RV community we have options for you! We now offer Geo-targeted ads. We can target your ad to only show to users in a radius around your business for a range from 100-300 miles. See rates above under “Banners.”

Target by interest

We can also display your ad by category or tag. Make sure your ad is only reaching the relevant audience.

Other opportunities
Your video embedded permanently and prominently displayed for two weeks on our website:
•$150-$350 (depending on location).
Sponsorship of a video on our YouTube and Vimeo Channels (65,000 subscribers).
•150 to $300 per video in most cases (typical views range from 5,000 to 150,000. No guarantees.
•Ads in our (almost) daily email alerts, notifying readers of a new issue of one of our many newsletters. Total distribution of all emails is approximately 700,000 per month.

Ad performance

We provide our advertisers with weekly performace updates tracking impressions and clicks. Custom reports can be provided upon request.

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