Advice about when to replace tires may be wrong



    How much tread do you have left on your tires? When is it time to replace them? One traditional piece of advice is to place a penny into the groove of a tire and if you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time. But that may not be good enough. See why in this revealing two-minute video from ABC News. What you learn could end up saving your life.




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    Sharon Baron
    3 years ago

    That is a good video. I used to drive about 50K per year for my past job and was always very mindful of tire maintenance. I never had a problem, but that does not mean that it could not happen to me even with good maintenance. But at least I somewhat reduce the potential for disaster. I will always remain cautious about my tires on my car, my truck, and of course on my travel trailer that has only 2 tires. I do change my tires on my travel trailer every 5 years and I don’t care even if they look brand new. I can’t stress enough with these high speed roads to keep an eye on your tires and check them weekly. I would never leave my home for a camping trip without checking the pressure and tread and recalibrating my Tire Minder that saved me from a rapid loss of pressure caused by a faulty valve.
    I live in South Florida with intensive sun and heat. It will be hard to convince me tires are not more affected by this environment.
    Don’t let anyone convince you that you are a nerd because you are cautious. Be safe than sorry. I have seen a lot on those roads in the past years and it ain’t getting any better.

    Grumpy Old Timer
    3 years ago

    Good video. However, for most RV tires, don’t they start to crack from sun exposure long before the tread wears out? I would have thought that an RV article should have mentioned that.