Affiliate information/rules

Please join the affiliate program, where we pay you to sign up readers to our weekly newsletter (see back issues here). There is no charge for you to participate or for readers to sign up. Those who sign up will receive two emails per week from us (unless they later sign up for any of our other newsletters).

We do not sell or rent the names of those who sign up.

Our program is very simple. We assign you a special, customized landing page, which you can use to promote signups for our weekly RV Travel Newsletter.

You will not be selling anything, just promoting sign ups for a weekly email alert for the newsletter, which is free. No strings attatched.

Here’s an example for our affiliate The RV Show USA.

Your affiliate address will be unique to you. Instead of “radio” as you see above, yours will be one we jointly determine.

Your base earnings will be 25 cents per signup. At the end of your first full month of participation, we will sample a few dozen of your signups to date to determine how many of those people opened the newsletter email alerts from us. At the end of each month thereafter, we will conduct a random sampling to determine the open rates.

Those who sign up through you who unsubscribe within two months will be treated the same as those who never opened their newsletter email alerts.

*If the average open rate of email alerts from the readers we receive from you drops below 30 percent for more than two months, you will be ineligible to continue with the program: a low open rate means the quality of the readers you are sending to us is too low.

At the end of each month, if you generated more than 1,000 new subscriptions in a single month, we will add 10 cents per signup to your earnings on your next payment.

We will provide you with a private page where you can view your sign up statistics in real time.

If you are interested in joining this program, please submit the form below.

Please contact me about joining your program.

How I might want to promote this program

Fine print
•Affiliates must be based in the USA or Canada
•Payment will be made monthly if earnings reach $50 or more in U.S. dollars via check to addresses with a U.S. Zip Code, direct deposit (when possible) or Pay Pal. If earnings do not reach $50 in a month, payment will be made after they do. 
•The minimum payment is $50. If less than that is earned in one month, the balance will carry over until it is reached.
•Affiliates that do not generate at least 50 qualified signups in a single month will be removed from the program.
•Affiliates may be removed from the program at any time for any reason if believes the affiliate misrepresents the program or generates multiple signups without an individual’s permission. 
•Signups you generate that are already subscribed to our newsletter do not count as new signups.
•We may change the amount per signup at any time after providing affiliates with 30 days notice.
•We may discontinue this program at any time, with 30 days notice to affiliates. We don’t plan to, but we reserve the right to do so.