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Ah, life in the RV park

By Chuck Woodbury
I awoke this morning to the sound of a bird I didn’t recognize. I reminded me I was not back in Seattle, where I know the bird songs. It was a pleasing sound. Then. . .

Truck alarm clock

•I awoke to the idling diesel engine of my neighbor’s truck. I am not a truck expert because I never owned one, but this was the type that makes lots of noise. I think it was designed that way to make it more manly.

•I awoke to the sound of a neighbor with a power drill retracting his trailer’s stabilizers.

•A car alarm went off twice in the distance. The first time was for about 30 seconds. Then all was quiet for 15 seconds or so, and then it went off again for another ten seconds.

The RV park where I’m staying is remote, far from city lights. I thought I might get in some star gazing. But as the sun set and darkness appeared, the outdoor LED lights of various neighbors’ RVs lit up the place like a 7-11 parking lot. The fifth wheel trailer across from me beamed its full-frontal lights all night. They were so bright I had to pull the shade of the window by my bed which cut off the wonderful breeze.

But this morning there was good news! No lawn mowers, leaf blowers or garbage trucks showed up.



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Ernie Powell
5 years ago

Good Morning Chuck
For what it is worth . I have been a reader of the news letter for about 3 yrs. now and I love it ,I look forward to it each Sat morning. I am asking for your HELP I had to replace the cooling unit in my 1200 Norcold fridge . Two yrs. ago I thought I was buying from norcold BUT I found last night it was arcticold an aftermarket co. So hears my problem . The cooling unit went bad with a clog in the line and it wont cool the fridge. I tried to call them 15 times with messages left ,and they refuse to return my call to help me . I pd.$1250.00 for the unit . I was told that I have a life time limited warranty on it with the warranty card sent back to them. The company is located in New Brunswick Canada. All I want from them is another cooling unit and I will move on with life. Can you give me any advise what I need to do? Ernie.

Ron Lane
5 years ago
Reply to  Ernie Powell

I’m not sure what Chuck can do for you, other than offering some sympathy; however, if you are a member of Good Sam or FMCA…. both offer their services to help rv’ers, such as yourself, in contacting and negotiating some sort of help for your problem.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

Our experiences in RV parks run the gamut, from bright and noisy to quiet and enjoyable. We prefer boondocking whenever we can, but living in Nevada makes this much easier than say, Ohio. Frankly, if I lived ‘back east’ (like Chicago where I was born and raised) I’m sure I would not have an RV of any type. Nor would I have ATV’s.

We live in a neighborhood where we can keep our trailer next to the house, making trip prep easy. Almost all our neighbors have an RV of some kind, and many of them actually use them. But, I think many of the new RV sales will get used once or twice, then sit in a storage lot for years, never getting used. We’ve got several storage lots near us and as we drive by we comment on trailers (and motorhomes) that never move. You can tell by the dust on the windshield or the rear window. Folks hit an RV show because they’ve always ‘dreamed’ of owning one, then do the impulse buy thing (with the help of a sales person who paints the wonderful picture), take it out once, find it’s not what they thought it was going to be, and there it sits. So, while the sales are definitely soaring, I think actual use is not as great. Just my opinion of course.

David Brunk
5 years ago

Chuck, I enjoy your articles and appreciate your advocacy for the RVing public. I’m not a life long RVer, rather a sophomoric RVer of nearly four years and still own my first rig, a 2010 Lance, 23 ft. TT with a walk around queen bed. Just the ticket for my wife and I, as a first rig. Further we’re retirees and well enough off to afford a considerable upgrade; we’ve been looking at Airstreams.
I must say that the factual, actual and truth reveling stories shared in many of your posts: shoddy quality of RV’s, the lack of parks and suitable sites to camp, and the density of RV Park camping being akin to apartment dwelling in a sizable city, leaves one, at least this one, questioning RV travel as a suitable, enjoyable way to vist our country and enjoy the fruited plane.
The old bromide “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”, comes to mind, as well as Oscar Wild’s off quoted thought: “There are two main tregedies in life, one is not getting what one wants, the other, getting it. All the best to you and all of your readers.

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