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Alligators take over N. Carolina parks after Florence leaves town

Repairing roads, clearing dropped trees, and restoring exhibits to state and federal parks in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence has kept officials busy. But Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site had more than that to worry about, reported The News & Observer.

It had alligators.

Jim McKee, who manages the Brunswick County site, had to take a boat to get to the property and when he reached land, he was afraid to get out.

Most of the ‘gators were in the 3-foot range, McKee said, and, “They were all bellied up to the buffet,” eating frogs from the puddles on the property, he said.

They had washed over from Orton Plantation, which is adjacent to the historic site and has one of the highest alligator densities in the south, according to researchers.

With the ‘gators gone, the site still has two big problems, McKee said. The road leading into it was washed away by flooding and the site can’t reopen until the road is rebuilt.

In addition, the visitors center was without power for eight days, so now the building has mold growing in it.

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