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Allstays Camp & RV – the Best App – is Not on Google Play Store?


by Chris Guld,

If you’ve attended any of Geeks on Tour’s seminars at RV rallies, you know that our favorite app for RVers is Allstays Camp & RV. It is simply the most complete collection of information about places for RVs to park in North America. You don’t need separate apps for Campground reviews, Rest Areas, Walmarts, Passport America parks, low bridges, Flying Js, and National Parks – all of that and lots more is included in the one Allstays Camp & RV. You can see them all with special icons in place on a map, or you can use the handy filters to only see the ones you want.

Allstays Camp & RV is an app for iPhones and it used to be available on Android as well, but it has been removed from the Play store. Don’t despair, there is a solution. Allstays is also a website that you can access for free on any web browser. Sign up for the Pro version (approx. $30) of the website, and you get added places like Elks lodges, Cracker Barrels, and RV Dumps as well as added functionality like fullscreen maps on your computer, and filter by review.

Here is a video that shows how to use the Pro version of Allstays Camp & RV on an Android phone:

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2 years ago

I paid for the pro version when it was on my Android. Years ago. And now I have a new Android. Can I get the link to add it back again like before?

Willard A VanOsten
4 years ago

Have been using allstays on my Android phone for a year. $10. Now it has stopped working. I depend on it working when off line so online version is not a solution. HELP!

Bobby G Ratliff
2 years ago

Mine stopped working recently on my android…app will not open up.

S Saylor
4 years ago

On my new iPhone using iOS 11 Allstays apps were deleted saying they no longer work with current iOS.

Suka’s Mom
4 years ago
Reply to  S Saylor

You should contact the developer to find out what the problem is on the iPhone. Allstays still works on my iPad with iOS 11.1.2.
I love this app and would be lost without it.

Michael Nistler
4 years ago
Reply to  Suka’s Mom

Ditto – works on my iPhone with 11.1.2

Monte Kern
5 years ago

We subscribe to the pro version of Allstays for Android and love it. It is a one stop for almost everything RV park and travel related that we need as full timers. And, the developer is responsive if you report issues. Great customer service.
We highly recommend it. It is one of the few paid subscriptions we use.

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