Boondockers’ dream: Portable device makes water from air!


By Randall Brink
A major challenge for those who enjoy boondocking or occasional dispersed camping on public lands is finding a source of fresh, potable water. Next to waste disposal and electricity, having a supply of fresh, clean water is essential to sustain or extend a boondock stay. So what if you could make water from the air? When I happened upon news of the Exaeris Water Innovations™ AcquaTap® system, which claimed that it could produce fresh, potable water from the air, I knew I was looking at something that would dramatically enhance the boondocking experience.

The Exaeris Water Innovations website says that it “leverages advancements in atmospheric water generation (AWG) technologies to create clean water from the atmosphere.” In other words, it creates water from the air around us. Except for in the burning desert in daytime, the AcquaTap will make fresh water from the moisture in the air 24/7. It’s part magic trick, part science. 

According to Exaeris’ COO, Mike Joyce, his company’s device is the only system that can produce several gallons of fresh water daily using a small, 18” x” 24” piece of hardware about the size of a cooler, that weighs only 30 lbs. The technology recovers moisture from the air when the ambient humidity is at or greater than 20 percent. The AcquaTap runs on house battery, solar, or shore power, and produces up to five gallons per day. The system is also scalable, for those requiring greater amounts of water. Exaeris CEO, John Galbraith, says he expects the AcquaTap system to be sold for under $2,000.

When can we see the AcquaTap system?

The AcquaTap will be on display at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, June 15-17, and the company forecasts that the system will be ready for deliveries later in 2021.

While the system was designed to address the global need for portable, inexpensive production of potable water in areas of the world beset with shortages, there is no question that such a device would be a welcome addition to any RVer’s equipment list. Imagine being free of the city water hose for indefinite stretches of time!

We will continue to report news of the system as its rollout proceeds this year.


Boondocking and running low on liquid? Bring water to your rig


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Bob P
2 days ago

Another marketing ploy, a dehumidifier by a different name and much more cost, but I’m sure they will have plenty of customers, because some people have to have the very latest, or newest of everything regardless of whether it’s worth anything.

Donald N Wright
2 days ago

Although it sounds like a dehumidifier, making potable water sounds like a blessing indeed. Lets hope that RVTravel tests the unit at their winter hangout.

Jennie Walsh
1 month ago

This seems like a wonderful invention!

Carson Axtell
1 month ago

Sounds like a great device for dehumidifying your RV…hint, hint.

Last edited 1 month ago by Carson Axtell
1 month ago

It’s part magic trick, part science.”
The science is the dehumidification and the cost.
The magic is the marketing hype.

Here’s another maker with handy water production calculator. The US is not an ideal location.

Thomas D
1 month ago

With all the air going over the evaporator and getting in the water, I’d not drink it. Those of you that use a dehumidifier know that they get dirty. Like SHARK TANK people say

Walter E. Venator
1 month ago

OK if you like to drink distilled water.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
27 days ago

Which I have to do for medical reasons

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

As I sat here in Quartzsite eagerly awaiting today’s issue, I first thought “Wow, finally, no need to load up on nearby mineral laden local water that kills our plumbing system”. Then I read the article and went to the website. Pie in the sky comes to mind. They say the 30lb unit is portable, then show two young backpackers merrily jaunting along. And, it’s only $1,999.99 (under $2,000). I wonder if it can generate five gallons at the 20% lower limit. It IS interesting though.

1 month ago

It’s called a dehumidifier, you can get one at any big box store fore under $300. All you need to do is put drain hose into a storage tank. Water would be good for toilet or showers. I would not drink the water from $2000 unit or a $200 unit. Just not a practical way to get water. Just Sayin

1 month ago
Reply to  Terry


Donald N Wright
1 month ago

Yeah, needs humidity. Better in Houston, less in Amarillo.

1 month ago

Reminds me of the scam device from years ago that you install on your car to improve your gas mileage. Don’t forget what your Mom taught you. If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t true.

1 month ago

You may have one of these already. It’s up on the roof of your RV and you call it an air conditioner. 

John Wilkins
1 month ago

As asked below, how much power does it consume? This is especially important if the product is being promoted for boondocking.

1 month ago

Already have one. Its called a “dehumidifier” which can produce a gallon or two a day here in the northwest. Even more if left outside the RV! Weight and size about the same too. Agree with Jim’s question. Free water is about as likely as a free lunch.

1 month ago

I’ve had a cooler sized device that produces water from air for decades. It’s called a dehumidifier.

Bill T
1 month ago
Reply to  MTBer

Exactly. Capture with the dehumidifier, boil it and it’s good to go.

Jim Thomas
1 month ago

First thing I want to know is how much power will it consume per gallon of water produced? Because: boondocking.