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Ask Dave: Should adjustment brackets on slide rail be adjusted?

Dear Dave,
What are the adjustable brackets at the outer end of the slide rails for? Do they ever need to be adjusted? If so, why and how? Thank You. —Ed, 2005 Homestead

Dear Ed,
I assume you have a rack and pinion slide mechanism either from Power Gear® (now owned by Lippert) or one of the original Lippert models. At the end of the rails, the bracket is connected to the flange of the slide room with bolts. They allow a service technician to adjust the height and side to side. Power Gear has provided the original manufacturer with the proper installation specifications and the procedure for proper alignment is set at the factory.

The room does not need periodic adjustment, but rather a visual inspection to verify it is within specs and has not shifted. Any mechanical connection such as these can shift slightly with slide mechanism movement and road vibration. Notice in the formula in the diagram the +/- specifications that you can use to periodically measure and verify it is within specifications.

How to adjust the adjustment brackets on slide rail

To adjust, you will need to make sure the unit is not plugged in and the battery is disconnected. You will also need to support the room with a bottle-type floor jack to not only support it, but allow you to raise or lower the room manually after loosening the bracket.

Typically the horizontal rod with the bolt will adjust travel of the room in and out. The bottom bolt shown here is for height. The bolts at the top of this bracket are for side-to-side adjustment. Check your owner’s manual for the exact type of mechanism you have and see if your owner’s manual has the specifications.

If you need to have it adjusted, it is advised to have a qualified service center perform the work. If you feel qualified to do the work yourself, I would suggest contacting Lippert and talking with a technician to get the exact specifications and procedure.

Once again, this is not necessary unless the measurements are out of the factory’s recommendations.

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1 month ago

Both my kitchen and dining room slides have rwo rails with gears. One rail has what looks like a hydrolic ram next to it. The second rail doesn’t have the hydraulic ram. Does this mean it is hydraulically operated? I use dry lubricant spray on the arms but when it squeaks, Im not sure what else to lubricate. Do I also have a motor driven gear drive to lubricate as you have explained in prior blogs? Thank you, Dave

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