Saturday, December 3, 2022


Ask the RV Tech: How much value is there in RV forum advice?


Steve Savage
Mobility RV Service
flat earthIn my opinion, the more you know, the less value there is in following these sites — and the less you know, the more confused you are likely to become. The problem, as I see it, is this: Some information on the forums is as good as you will find anywhere. On the other hand, some information is so bad, it moves into the realm of downright dangerous.

What I find is some very long threads discuss theoretical issues as though they present themselves as common problems when, in fact, they never occur. Those issues raise anxiety unnecessarily and waste folks’ time tending to things that never break.

The posts, however, that drive me crazy are the ones which read as though how things work and what is safe is simply a matter of opinion and openly deny legitimate sources of information.

For those reasons, I encourage anyone who uses the Internet as a source of information to conduct broad searches giving priority to manufacturers and professionals. Bear in mind, just because everyone says something doesn’t mean it’s right, and consensus is never a substitute for engineering. At one time everyone believed the world was flat!

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