Atlas keeps RVs away from low bridges

American truckers rely on Rand McNally’s Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas for the most comprehensive highway and trucking information on the market. RVs these days are sometimes nearly the height of big rig trucks, making this atlas just as valuable to these “big rig” drivers, too.

Just like with truckers, there are roads where RVs do not belong — those with low bridges and tunnels — too low for an RV to fit. Oh, the horror of what can happen if an RV should attempt to pass.

One way to avoid these RV busters is with a specialized GPS. But they’re expensive. Many RVers these days use their smart phones to guide their way. But smart phones don’t show low bridges.

And that’s where the Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas from Rand McNally saves the day. It shows every highway in North America where truckers can pass. And if a trucker can pass, so can an RV. Use this atlas as your guide and you’ll never go bump and grind, and end up with a tow to an RV junkyard. The Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas also includes a highway-by-highway list of all low-clearance locations.

Learn more or order at The last we looked the price for the paperback edition was about $25.