Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Azuki the hedgehog goes camping

Well, fellow RVers, it’s about time for your daily dose of cute. And what could be cuter than a hedgehog going camping? Nothing…except for a hedgehog going camping with real mini camping gear (sponsored by Coleman Japan, of course).

Azuki the hedgehog has 419,000 followers on Instagram (here’s his account). Let me reiterate here: a hedgehog (!!) has 419,000 followers. OK…I’ll just be over here…fainting. Sadly, Azuki died in January, leaving his daughter, Monaka, to take over his account. She’s doing a pretty good, er, pretty cute, job.

The photos are pretty impressive. I mean…here’s Azuki riding a magic carpet like he’s Aladdin, for Pete’s sake! Have you ever been to Antelope Canyon in Arizona? Well, Azuki has too (and he loved it). Oh, and he also loves ice cream…well, actually he loves pretending like he’s ice cream

OK, anyway, Azuki left the comforts of his own tiny home (see, he’s just like you!) to go camping. Here’s what that looked like:

First, Azuki set up his tent.

Setting up a tent is hard, especially for a little hedgehog. He decided to throw his kayak in the water and take a dip to cool off.

Kayaking is hard work for Azuki, who is still working on his upper body strength. Time for lunch!

Now that he fueled himself up, it’s time to get the fire going…

and the grill too, of course.

Mmm, nothing like grilled green beans and crickets! Tasty!

Ooooooh yeah. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy that food, baby.

Well, if that’s not one of the darned cutest things you’ve ever seen, something is wrong with you. Kidding, but you have to admit that melted your heart at least a little bit, right? If you want to support Azuki and his dad, you can buy their book on Amazon (because what hedgehog wouldn’t have a book?) here. And make sure you spend some time scrolling through his Instagram account here.


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Mike Albert
1 year ago

Just wondering how Nanci feels about losing a terrific feel good story! Someone took some great “action” shots.

Brian and Debbie Richards
1 year ago

We have a hedgehog that we rescued from the ASPCA 4 years ago and he always accompanies us on all our camping excursions. Jasper is very mild mannered but is a little skittish to unknown handlers. All the folks at the camp stores we stay at are amazed when they see a real one for the first time. He has his own little camping container to stay in and there is very little maintenance for him except to have fresh food, mealy worms and a special hedgehog nugget treat and fresh water everyday. They are mainly nocturnal, but every couple of days my wife takes him out of his home container and lets him walk around our Florida room carpeted floor for exercise.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

Thank you.. this totally brought a smile to my face and brightened my day! Considering I was totally bumming on the snow flying outside my window…