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20 bar soap hacks to make RV life easier

In my local store, the bar soaps have been demoted to the lowest shelf. Liquid soaps, in all of their various scents and colors, have all but eliminated bar soap from the “personal cleansing” aisle. Well, wait just a minute! There are many uses for that bar soap. In fact, you can use bar soap hacks to make your RV life easier than ever! Just read on…

Outside the RV

Use the following bar soap hacks around the outside of your RV:

  • Think you may have a leaky hose? Rub a bar of soap over the suspect hose. If there is a leak, the water in the line will cause the soap to bubble. This same trick will help you identify a gas leak.
  • Use dampened bar soap to rub the bottom of that skillet before placing it over the open fire. This bar soap hack will make it easier to clean soot off after dinner.
  • Before tackling that messy job, first scrape your fingertips over a bar of soap. The soap will collect under your fingernails to form a barrier against dirt and keep your fingernails cleaner.
  • Sticky locks can be a problem for RVers. Try this: Rub both sides of your key across a dry bar of soap. Try using the key in the stubborn lock a few times and it should operate more smoothly.
  • Make wood cutting easier. Rub the hand saw blade with a bar of soap to help it pass through the wood more easily.
  • Protect plants from insects. Grate some bar soap into warm water. Spritz the resulting mixture onto plant leaves to help repel bugs.

Remodeling the RV

Remodeling? These bar soap hacks may come in handy:

  • If you plan to paint around the interior RV windows, first rub a bar of soap along the edges of the glass. If you accidentally get paint on the glass, the paint will be much easier to remove.
  • Rub bar soap into screw threads to make it easier to penetrate the wood.
  • Need to cover up nail holes in your RV’s interior walls? Use bar soap in the closest match to the wall color. Rub the bar in a circular motion over the hole and the soap will fill in the space.

Bar soap hacks in the kitchen

  • Drawers tough to slide open? Rub the drawer edges and/or runners with bar soap to make the drawers glide smoothly.
  • Does your cupboard door squeak? Rub a bar of soap over the hinges a few times and the squeak should disappear.
  • If you’ve shattered that wine glass, a bar of soap will help you get up all the pieces. First, sweep up the big pieces. Then simply rub the soap bar over the itty-bitty fragments left behind. They should stick to the soap. Discard the soap bar afterward, of course.

In the bathroom

Well, of course you’ll use bar soap here. But check out these unusual bar soap hacks:

  • Rub a dry bar of soap over your RV’s bathroom mirror before you shower. Buff smudges away with a dry, fluffy towel and your mirror will not “fog up” as you shower.
  • Soothe a bug bite’s itch. Simply rub a dampened bar of soap over the bite and find immediate relief.

Bar soap hacks in the bedroom

  • Place a bar of soap in your RV closet to keep clothing smelling fresh, not musty. Or wrap soap in a piece of cloth and place it inside your RV drawer for fresh-smelling tees and jeans.
  • Rub soap over that stubborn zipper and it will glide much better.
  • Put bar soap inside those stinky hiking boots overnight. The boots will smell much better in the morning.

Bar soap hacks for hobbies

  • Use bar soap to mark fabric when sewing. It will easily launder out and not harm most fabrics.
  • If you wrap bar soap in fabric, it makes a great pincushion! Bonus: The pins and needles will poke through fabric better, too.
  • Bar soap can mark cut points in wood. Afterward, just wipe away the soap mark with a damp rag.

What unusual uses for bar soap have you tried? Share your ideas in the comments below!



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Sue Hooper
8 months ago

I haven’t used this Ivory bar soap hack myself, but my 97 year old Mom swears by it. Don’t know if the brand is a must (Ivory), but that’s the one she uses. She had leg cramps, she puts a bar of Ivory soap under the sheet and voila, no more legs cramps, at least a lot less!

10 months ago

Any bar soap rubbed on a wood screw makes it go in easier

10 months ago

I put bar soap in the dirty-clothes bag to keep the scent at bay.

10 months ago

So when did “tips” become “hacks”?

Tom H.
10 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Yeah, I don’t get the “hacks” label either.

RV Staff
10 months ago
Reply to  Tom H.

Hi, Tom and Gary. Yeah, I like the old-fashioned “tips” better myself. But Wikipedia says: “A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.” So I guess the author was keeping up with the current trend. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

10 months ago

Irish Sring bar soap tell mice, rats, chipmunks, and other critters to stay clear. Irish Spring comes in different scents and varieties, as long as it is Irish Spring in general it will work after you shave it down first.

10 months ago
Reply to  David

No it doesn’t. Plenty of videos out there proving that wrong.

10 months ago
Reply to  Gary

We got some Irish Spring one time to make “give-out packages” for homeless folks. It was so powerful even they wouldn’t take it!

Jim&Jerilyn Taylor
10 months ago
Reply to  Gary

I put it around our flowering bushes to keep critters away, and they just eat it, so Gary you’re correct.

10 months ago

Use the small bars soaps that you find in motels and hotels and put them in your ‘back packs’. Keeps the back packs nice n fresh. Been doin that for years.

10 months ago

Hey Gail, I didn’t know that you knew my Grandmother as i remember her using soap on a lot of things that you’ve mentioned, including that old washboard that was in the kitchen sink that she cleaned clothes on! Like you said putting soap under finger nails before a messy job, also works when they are dirty, just scrape & use a soft brush ya get great results.
Heck I just used one the other day for a sewing needle going through a car cover for a repair, easy peasy.
Thanks for all the great hacks!

10 months ago

Bar soap rubbed over wooden drawer slides improves performance greatly.

Tommy Molnar
10 months ago

Bar soap dragged over the teeth of smart-mouthed kids tends to correct the problem. Uh, a friend told me this . . . . . 🙂

10 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Best response! Been there, done that!

10 months ago
Reply to  Jules

Yeah – me too! (I can still taste it!)

10 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I remember this well. I love the part in the movie “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie gets Lifebouy soap in his mouth.

10 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Ahh! Tommy. I think I actually got a liking for the taste of Ivory soap. lol I don’t think I have used the words *&^%$ or @#$%^ since.

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