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Bay Area community removes RV street dwellers

(November 15, 2017) — After three hours of debate a city council committee in East Palo Alto, California, is closer to deciding on what to do about the problem of overnight RV parking on city streets. The problems of a lack of affordable housing, and RVs camping on city streets for weeks and months at a time has come to a head in East Palo Alto.

Local residents complained to the city council committee that the RVs have, among other things, dropped raw sewage onto the street. They showed photos as proof.

Wednesday evening, East Palo Alto officials towed away the last RV parked on the 1100 block of Weeks Street. Here’s a report from KTVU television.



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4 years ago

I agree with the homeowners! Keep these people out! But, I also agree with the RVers Who need a place to park. Find a couple of spaces around town and let them park these RVs at these spaces. If the homeowners who have enough land to provide a place to park, let them develop an RV parking spot in their yard. They also can enforce the rules about the times to ingress, plus where they put the garbage, etc. As the Famous philosopher Jerry Clower said, “Just shoot up here amungs us, one of has to go”.

Be a leader and find a solution to this and it will not be a problem and you will also be a leader for this situation.