Friday, June 2, 2023


Video catches bear breaking into pickup truck

Here’s a reminder to always lock the door of your car or RV when you are away. In cities and other areas where humans might break in, you’ll reduce the chance of them stealing something. In rural areas, especially forests, it will keep a bear from stealing any food you may have inside. Bears, as you will see in the video below, know how to open doors.

Check out this bear caught breaking into an unlocked pickup truck. It doesn’t take him long to make off with some goodies.

The video is from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which posted it on its Facebook page.



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13 days ago

Hey BooBoo, Let’s see what’s for lunch!

Gary W.
13 days ago

“Video Unavailable” for me too.

13 days ago

Pretty efficient use of an upside down cooler for a step stool.

Jim Johnson
13 days ago

With notable and not necessarily predictable exceptions (in other words, don’t be fooled into being lax), black bears in our part of the world tend to be shy and non-aggressive. They are not dumb animals. Like many squirrels and ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeders, black bears seem like solving puzzles and can figure out how to open many types of human doors – knobs, levers or latches. And food is their reward. And smelling the crumpled wrappers from your fast food lunch may be all it takes.

Larry Lee
13 days ago

Video not available

13 days ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

They failed to get a signed release from the bear.

Tommy Molnar
13 days ago
Reply to  Larry


Bill Byerly
13 days ago
Reply to  Larry

Best smile comment of the day….😃

13 days ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly


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