“Bend streets are not your home” spray-painted on RV

    Photo: KTVZ

    Wendy Erickson and her son, Ben, live in a Class C motorhome and had parked it on Watt Way behind Costco in Bend, Oregon. A nearby resident knocked on their door Wednesday morning to tell them there was graffiti spray painted on the side of their RV, reported KTVZ News.

    The two were shocked when they exited their vehicle to find the words “Leave” and “Bend streets are not your home” sprayed on the RV.

    “We’re not hurting anybody,” Wendy said. “We’re not bothering anybody. We’re just trying to get along and make it to the next change. Life’s got to get better than this.”

    The Bend Police Department said it commonly gets calls from concerned citizens about vehicles showing up in their neighborhood, especially if they believe someone is living inside. However, Lt. Clint Burleigh said there hasn’t yet been anything to this degree.

    Oregon law allows 48 hours for a vehicle to be parked on a public roadway. Burleigh said Bend is less strict with that policy, and it can take up to 12 days for police to tow a vehicle that hasn’t moved over that period of time.

    Wendy and Ben said they had been in that spot for just one day.


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    robert austin
    1 year ago

    Just shows what kind of low life is out there. Spraying someones anything is a crime and should be jailed.

    1 year ago

    Personally I wouldn’t waste my time in Bend,Oregon…too many out of staters have ruined the place.They know who they are.

    1 year ago

    Take the hint and move on the down the road.