Monday, September 26, 2022


Benson, the hilarious, fashionable street cat

Have you seen Benson? He’s the stray-rescue cat that’s gone on to make it big. Really big! Benson is one of the most famous Instagram cats in the world. And to think that he began his life as a bum living on the streets of Dubai.

Here’s what happened

One day, Benson’s now-owner heard a plaintive “Meow!” outside his window. Looking out, he spotted a small, frail cat. It was summertime. Dubai’s summer heat can be brutal, topping out over 109 degrees F. So, Benson’s rescuer brought the little guy inside. He fed, watered, and befriended the fragile feline.

For the next several days, Benson’s rescuer attempted to find the cat’s rightful owner. It soon became clear that the feline’s original family moved away. Without Benson. So, the cat became a member of his rescuer’s family. When the family moved back to the United States, the cat came along, too.

Fashion sense

Benson’s new owners soon discovered the cat’s penchant for fashion. They put glasses on the little cat and he really seemed to like it! Benson, the stray, abandoned alley cat soon morphed into a “cat fashion trendsetter extraordinaire.”

Photo Credit: @a_street_cat_named_benson, Instagram
Photo Credit: @a_street_cat_named_benson, Instagram
Photo Credit: @a_street_cat_named_benson, Instagram
Photo Credit: @a_street_cat_named_benson, Instagram
Photo Credit: @a_street_cat_named_benson, Instagram

Check out Benson now

A simple post on Instagram transformed Benson into an overnight success story. He has almost 250,000 followers on Instagram. You may want to join his fan club, too. Check him out here to see more photos of him. You’ll laugh!



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Leanne Hopkins
5 months ago

When my daughter was younger she had a cat named Murphy (after Dale Murphy the baseball player). She would put a dress, booties, hat and Earrings on the cat. He would lay on his back, a blanket over him in her doll carriage while they walked around. Sometimes he wore pants and a shirt instead. He’d lay there never offering to get out or move around. A great cat who slept with Casey every night.

5 months ago

A cat that will let you dress him up like that is amazing. I’d get shredded if I tried that with my cat.

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