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The best fan to help with RV refrigerator air circulation

My RV repair shop receives a common complaint from customers, and that is their RV refrigerator has poor air circulation. Poor air circulation causes a lengthy cool-down period and can spoil food. Valterra’s Fridge Cool Fan reduces food spoilage and cuts down cool-down time by 50 percent. This fan can run for more than 30 days on two D batteries. This fan also has a convenient easy on/off switch.

Watch my Shop Talk video below to learn more about the fridge fan I recommend for proper RV refrigerator air circulation.

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Dustin owns and operates California RV Specialists, an independent RV repair shop located in Lodi, CA. He thrives on sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of RV repair and maintenance with his team, customers, and virtual friends.

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Dustin proudly operates the business alongside his wife, Ashley; but the true pair that run the show are their Boston Terriers, Arvie and Hitch.



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Bob M
2 months ago

Bad thing is when I check their site out I see DOMETIC must own them. Which I’m not a fan of DOMETIC.

2 months ago

I have a Beechlane freestanding fan that takes 4 D batteries. They last about a month but every few days I have to remove the fan from the frig as it stops working. Once it warms to room temperature, it runs again. Always wondered if the batteries just do not like cold. Hate that it takes 4 batteries so I might try this suggested brand.

2 months ago

Valtera also makes a fan that connects to the 12v light. This eliminates the need to buy batteries and produces MUCH more air circulation. Like the fan in the video, the 12v version also has a switch so you can turn it off to conserve the house battery. It also is noisier. I added four short legs made from a wine bottle cork and that dampened the noise.

David N
2 months ago

Have had that fan in our frige for 5 yrs.
Works great

dale rose
2 months ago

Is there a way to run a small fan with 12 volts, by sneaking in the wires from the vehicles 12 volt system?

Jim Johnson
2 months ago
Reply to  dale rose

Dometic_Refrigerator_Deluxe_Fan-RVCoolingUnit-com image
Sadly RVCoolingUnit seems to no longer be in business. But they made exactly what you are asking for. We have had the Dometic version for 5 years now and LOVE it. Maybe somebody can track them down and somehow restart manufacturing?

The device simply attaches to the fins inside the refrigerator and uses dual 12v fans (yes, installation involves fishing a pair of wires to the 12v terminator block on the maintenance side of the refrigerator). The one caveat is the fan is manually turned on/off, so remember to manually turn it off before storing your RV.

This fan not only keeps the refrigerator at a fairly even temp throughout the space, it also substantially reduces ice build up on the cooling fins. We are stationary for around 6 months every winter and most years don’t have to de-ice in the middle of our stay.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

I believe I have this same fan unit attached to the fins. I have used it for several years and it works great. I run the wires to the back of the fridge thru the drain hole on the back wall of the fridge.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

You can get those from JC Refrigeration, I have a 3 fan model in my Dometic that works great.

2 months ago
Reply to  dale rose

I bought a USB desk fan from Amazon and used plastic cable ties to strap on to the shelf, the USB cable is thin enough i can close the fridge door and plug into a 12VDC outlet USB charger.
works pretty good so far. I’ve tried all the battery operated fans and it worked o.k. but not really that good

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