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‘Best RV of the Year’ comes with hefty price tag

FOREST CITY, IOWA, December 8, 2017 – RV Business Magazine has named the Winnebago Horizon the 2018 RV of the Year.

The award is bestowed upon the one RV that, in the opinion of RVBusiness, “best exemplifies a manufacturer’s ability to ‘push the envelope’ through design and engineering.”

But it may not be the “RV of the Year” for most RVers. Its price tag begins at $385,214, which might be a bit rich for most budgets. 

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The Class A diesel-pusher is available in both 40A and 42Q floor plans and will arrive on dealers’ lots this winter. According to a news release, “The Horizon superbly blends function and design seamlessly and reduces the need for onboard LP with features such as an induction cooktop and diesel fueled heating system. Interior storage is abundant throughout the coach and also extremely functional – a good example of the design detail level are the grooves placed in the countertop to serve as a built in drying rack for dishes.”

The Horizon is built on the Maxum Freightliner Chassis, which offers 400-450 horsepower Cummins diesel engine and Allison transmission. 

Watch the promotional video from Winnebago for a tour.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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ClayCausey (@guest_17827)
5 years ago

I really like the styling. However, it’s a Winnebago. Happy slide out holidays!

Rory Roberts (@guest_17672)
5 years ago

Just a personal opinion, but I don’t like and never did like all the light colors in the interior decor. It’s done primarily to give an open and roomy “feel”. But a “feel” does not equate to roominess. I like more contrast, and I don’t want to have to wear sunglasses all the time to ward off snow blindness. Euro-styling is just a buzzword. Execs and designers who are responsible for putting these MH’s together, should be required to spend at least 2 months a year in these coaches. Especially the designers. I know American ingenuity can come up with a much better design, if they only tried or were exposed to the results of their current designs. Just because something looks good, does not mean it is built well, or is relatively functional. Most designers sit and dream up a feature that they “think” would be of use to most RV’ers. If they spent time living in those RV’s they design, they would “know” what would be useful and functional. I do like the fact that they have decided to stop using those over the top designs in their paint jobs, because for one it does not make their units unique, and it irritates a lot of buyers.

Robert (@guest_20887)
5 years ago
Reply to  Rory Roberts

I’m with you on the light, shiny surfaces.
When I relax to watch movies , I dislike reflections bouncing all over.
Fabrics and dull subdued colors for interiors for me.

sam (@guest_17613)
5 years ago

I agree grooves in the countertop is stupid you won’t be able to use that portion of the countertop for a lot of things like rolling out dough. But I am relieved they didn’t paint or have decal “swooshes” all over the outside. Finally someone ended that madness.

Gene Bjerke (@guest_17596)
5 years ago

How forward looking — grooves in the counter top so you can rack your dishes. Let’s look a little more forward and see what it will be like to keep those grooves clean. Does it come with a special brush?

RV Staff
5 years ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

My thoughts exactly, Gene! Great place to harbor lots of germs and crud. Ick! But maybe at that price they’re self-cleaning? 😉 —Diane at

Tim (@guest_17591)
5 years ago

Jack Rebney should have done the promotional video.

Eric Eltinge (@guest_17580)
5 years ago

Just spent 3 hours with this coach. Exact opposite of the “Iowa farmhouse” look of most motorhomes. Very clean and modern, better than the all new Airstream Atlas. Italian tile flooring and wood laminate cabinets from Italy. Constructed by Mennonite workers. Looks like a Restoration Hardware website + Gulfstream jet + corporate boardroom. Very elegant!

Will buy one upon sale of 2015 Winnebago ERA 170A.

Drew (@guest_17568)
5 years ago

“European design?” Is this suppose to be a good thing? I can see Winnebago is trying to appeal to a different demographic but it sure isn’t my idea of nice. The light decor of stainless, stark white, stone and tile floors, and light-colored woods gives it a hospital feel imho. That’s” in my humble opinion” for you millennials.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_17528)
5 years ago

I’m not a motorhome type of guy, but this really IS a game changer. I like the fresh look of the interior with what could be considered “European” design. The guy is spot on when he says there’s not another coach out there like this. We occasionally go to RV shows just to see what’s ‘new’ out there, and tour motorhomes just because . . . It’s not our RV lifestyle, but this motorhome is very cool looking and if I was a motorhome kinda guy (and was flush with money!), I might consider it.

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