Sunday, November 28, 2021



Beware of buying trailers stolen in Illinois


Crime investigators in Madison County, Illinois, fear an unsuspecting RV buyer could end up getting ripped off. Three camper trailers were recently stolen in the area and police fear the thieves will try to sell them to unsuspecting buyers on a website such as Craigslist. The three camper trailers were stolen either late on the night of November 19th or early in the morning of November 20th, according to the Office of the Madison County Sheriff.

The trailers that were stolen 
• One is described as a white Jayco 32-foot travel trailer with eagle emblems and maroon and blue/gray striping with Illinois registration 543 433. The trailer is valued at $50,000.

• The second is described as a gray Open Range 40-foot 5th wheel trailer with Illinois registration. The value of the trailer is estimated at $55,000.

• The third trailer is a brown 32-foot Jayco travel trailer with a mountain scene painted on the front of it. Illinois registration number is 650 603. The value is estimated at $25,000.

Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at 618-692-4433 or the anonymous tip line at 618-296-3000. Captain Mike Dixon suspects the thieves are part of a ring that swooped into the area and will now try to sell the stolen trailers.

SOURCE: Fox 2 News



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