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Big rig? Let LAMPHUS warn other drivers where you are


LAMPHUS SoundAlert System

By Bob Difley

If you drive a big rig with a car in tow, you might want to alert some distracted drivers around you to the size of your rig, and your limited turning radius and stopping ability. There is no better way than with an audio broadcast system that will be easily heard by those around you. But if that doesn’t work, the LAMPHUS SoundAlert Series’ feature-packed warning system also includes a very audible 100W siren guaranteed to get attention and be heard from a distance away.

The LAMPHUS system also features a wired handheld microphone and multiple operational modes including siren mode, horn mode, and radio mode. This system can be paired with one of the three available speaker systems to deliver crystal clear warning signals. The SASP01 speaker system consists of a conventional rectangular horn speaker system with a rating of 120-130dB, the SASP02 speaker system consists of a compact speaker system with a higher rating of 120-130dB while the SASP03 speaker system consists of a slim speaker system with a rating of 118-124dB. All these speakers are made from rust-resistant components and are easy to mount using the supplied mounting accessories.

This warning system with the siren option gives you yelp, wail, hi-lo and also Manual Horn and Manual Siren.

The SoundAlert warning system offers two 20A switches which you can use to power other external devices and appliances.

Also featured in this warning system is the option to broadcast from external sources through the radio mode. You also get a push-to-talk microphone.

To give you easier access and control over the system, you can connect it to your car’s horn button allowing you to activate the siren system with the push of a button.

In the box are user manuals, installation instructions, and mounting accessories to ease the installation process.

You will find the LAMPHUS Sound Alert System on Amazon.

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5 years ago

Yes, you could find yourself pulled over by the police for using a siren. I don’t think this is a safe warning system to use.

5 years ago

alert some distracted drivers around you to the size of your rig, and your limited turning radius and stopping ability.
Stopping ability is the drivers issue. Idiots with a siren.
What’s next?

5 years ago

Not positive, but I believe that sirens on non-emergency/LEO vehicles are illegal in many states. They are obnoxious in all 50.

5 years ago

Have we really come so far in accessorizing our RV’s that we buy things like this. Every vehicle has a horn for alerting others.. Some people have more money than sense.

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