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It’s a bike. It’s a boat. It’s an RV. It’s a BeTRITON. Beware!

Inventor Aigars Lauzis is interested in boating, cycling and RVing, and he only needs one unique machine to do all three activities. It’s called the BeTRITON and it’s categorized as a three-wheel electric RV.

It’s not for everyone, but the Latvian-made electric camper has a lot to offer if your outdoor preferences keep you close to home. The BeTRITON has about a 30-mile range.

The BeTriton is a multi-use machine, bike, boat, RV.,
The BeTRITON is a multi-use machine: bike, boat, RV.

The BeTRITON, formerly called Z-Triton 2.0, has a sleeping area. But the newfangled vehicle transforms into a boat. Its wheels fold up and are replaced by inflatable floating stabilizers. An electric trolling motor is lowered from inside the cabin. Paddles can be attached if the vessel’s charge expires.

Performance values greatly vary. The BeTRITON has a top land speed of 15 miles per hour as an RV or bike. In the water, it can advance at no more than 3 mph.

The versatile machine is also street legal as an electric bike with a 1,000-watt Bafang Ultra e-bike mid-drive motor. There’s a suspension system, which assists over rugged terrain for the two-person capacity contraption.

There are 100 watts of solar panels on the roof of the camper, which can also be recharged from a wall outlet or extension cord.

Like traditional tiny houses, space is at a premium in the BeTRITON, and it’s used efficiently. It contains a fold-up kitchen table, USB chargers, utility and reading lights, GPS, luggage storage compartments and cupholders. And there’s a sound system with Bluetooth. It’s all included. Remove the steering wheel and the sleeping area seems massive.

The BeTRITON, soon in full production, will be priced at approximately $15,400 (14,600 Euros). It will be available only in Europe—at least for now. Its inventor hopes international delivery is on the near horizon. Visit:

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RV Review: A bike. A boat. An RV. The Z-Triton is all of these



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