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This video could save you from danger during a tire blowout

Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes take wonderful care of their tires. They protect them with UV spray, they check to make sure they’re properly inflated, they constantly check the tread wear and the dates, they don’t drive fast, and they have a TPMS installed… yet they still had a tire blowout.

In their video Chad says, “…The key to whether it (the blowout) makes for a really bad day or just an inconvenience is your preparedness… luckily we were prepared.” Ain’t that the truth! If you’re prepared for a tire blowout, you can conquer that blowout easily.

Watch their video below and take notes, physically or mentally, and remember to go over them every now and again. You can’t ever be too prepared. A tire blowout can be scary, dangerous and even deadly, so being prepared and knowing exactly what to do is key.



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Sharon B
2 years ago

I have sold my house….YEAAAAAA and I will be off and running as of October 1. My biggest fear is a blowout…mainly because I have only 2 tires so if one goes I fear of flipping over. I do have the TPMS and would never go without one so hopefully that will give me a little more time to stop.
Great video!! Thanks

Maria Herth Schulz
2 years ago

We have become addicted to Chad and Taras channel on YouTube, Changing Lanes. Their videos are so well put together and well edited. We have been camping for 38 years and my husband has still learned even more from watching their videos.
Note of warning: their videos will give you a strong desire to hit the road immediately. We have about 3 years til retirement, and Chad and Tara have made it increasingly difficult to wait!

Helen Lottridge
2 years ago

Thanks for the very informative video!

2 years ago

Chad and Tara, off subject… What mic do you use on your GoPro? On subject… thanks for a very thoughtful video!

2 years ago

Why do they have to constantly check their tire dates? Once you have made note of the date the first time, it doesn’t change unless you buy a new tire.

Roger Marble
2 years ago

Outstanding video. Lots of good info. Excellent attitude.

Roger Marble
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

Forgot to mention that the “Belt Separation they had might have been discovered if they had done a “free Spin Inspection” as seen in the video of this RVTiresafety blog post..

2 years ago

Good information, but as a former cop who knows how scary it is on the side of the road, I have a couple of suggestions. Put those safety triangles, flares etc much further behind your vehicle. You want to warn people well before they are on top of you. Go ahead and call for an officer / trooper to respond and park behind you. If they’re in the area, they won’t mind standing by while you change your tire. They will be a much safer “blocker”, then you standing there in your yellow vest!

2 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Good tip. I had a tread separation on a super busy stretch of I-20. A nice couple stopped to help, and we stationed the young lady way ‘upstream’ on the shoulder in her bright pink t-shirt, waving traffic into the other lane. It wasn’t as good as getting an officer there, but yeah, you can’t wait til they are on top of you to flag them over.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Good point Lynn! I did not know that about having an officer there to block traffic.

Robert C
2 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Great advice, Lynn. I would like to add: Never spend time on moving traffic side of vehicle that is not necessary. As when making your video in the blow out side. As many police officers know: some drivers would be so busy looking at the “distraction”, they may hit you. Like stopping on the road in your Harley(or, Indian): don’t stand on traffic side!
Be safe!

2 years ago

I have a similar toyhauler by Grand Design. I use the trailers hydraulic leveling system to change tires. Even without unhooking from the truck. I think it is a safer bet to get off the side of the road as quick as you can. I know the manual says not to but you’re not supposed to toast bread in the bathtub either.

2 years ago

Great video with lots of very useful information. Some takeaway points from this video that I would like to highlight. Have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and use it. It won’t prevent a sudden blowout like this couple experienced but it will let you know what’s going on with all of your tires. I prefer to have an (EMS) Emergency Roadside Service for breakdowns however it will take longer versus the 20 some minutes that this couple took to replace the flat tire. I also recommend Tyron Bands for the front steer tires for any RV motorcoach owners as myself. Love the outtakes – yes it really sicks getting old. As my older sister has always told me – getting old is not for sissies.

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