Tuesday, September 27, 2022



Boat dealers compete with RV dealers for techs

One reason why RV techs seem to be in short supply among RV dealerships is the competition for techs by the boating industry, reports Woodall’s Campground Management.

Like the RV industry, the boating sector is also dealing with a shortage of technicians. According to an oped by Soundings Trade Only, a recent announcement by the RV Industry Association is likely to increase the problem for many boat dealers.

“While we are enjoying consistent annual growth in boat sales, the RV industry took off at an even faster pace and is currently seeing record numbers of recreational vehicles produced and sold. Bingo­ — there’s a shortage of RV techs, too. What the RV industry plans to do will put many of our boat dealers in a head-to-head competition to fill marine tech spots.”

The RVIA Board of Directors recently approved a comprehensive plan backed by a reported $10 million to establish the RV Technical Institute. A major component of the plan will be an aggressive recruitment campaign to attract new technicians into the RV industry. To that end, the institute will enroll newly recruited techs for a “tech boot camp,” where they will get hands-on training by industry experts and instructors from RV component suppliers.

The institute will also offer advanced RV technician training including up-to-the-minute digital textbooks, PowerPoint decks, video and other modern teaching tools, according to RVIA announcements. The institute will also establish a network of regional training partners to conveniently deliver the “gold standard” of its training to existing techs.



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