Is it a boat? An RV? Or a boat-RV? One thing, it’s weird!


George Bliss spotted this very unusual RV in Parker, Arizona, last week.

“I’m not sure how it’s configured inside but it would be interesting to have a look,” he wrote. “It looks like an upside down boat with the top of a Boler camper added on.”

Have you seen this unusual vehicle? If so, please tell us below in the comments.


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At some point construction methods like casita or Oliver could evolve into a production model. Its been done in the past. Lil hobo comes to mind. With todays yechnology go all electric, and could be a winner.


Headed to the Rose Bowl Parade.


Looks like it would be top heavy.


Boler camper, not Bolero.


It’s becoming very popular. Instead of towing boat with rv the boat is the rv. It is set up to use park hookups. There are existing clubs who do this