Bounced emails. Frustrating!

By Chuck Woodbury
Last issue, 668 reader email notices about the new edition of the Saturday newsletter bounced on their way to readers. So those readers did not get their usual reminder notice. This happens every issue, sometimes it’s only a few hundred emails that bounce, but other times it can be a thousand or more. 

We have no control over what bounces. We run each of our emails through a spam tester before we send them and they always come out with about lowest rating you can get — meaning the emails should never be blocked as spam. But they do. We work hard to produce each issue, and we are proud of them, and it makes us mad that every issue some readers do not get their reminder notice. It’s frustrating!

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Last issue, hundreds of emails to readers with addresses were blocked. Why? I have no idea! addresses often get blocked. So do email addresses that end in

Here’s what you can do to help ensure your email alert gets through:

•First, be sure you put my email address in your email’s contact list: .

•If you want a better chance of an email getting through, get a gmail address. They get through most of the time.

•And remember, on Saturday mornings, you can always just go to the home page of and click on the Current Issue link near the top. That will take you right to that day’s newsletter. Of course, you can read it any other day as well, not just Saturday.

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