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BoxKat is not a better mouse trap – It’s Better Than a mouse trap!

“The last 25 years have been a constant effort and battle to have my beautiful Acura NSX stored in the shop or barn for 6 – 8 months a year. Have spent over $3000 on mice damage repairs. The smell they leave is nearly impossible to ‘clean’ away. The wiring damages are expensive and have caused vehicle fires and traffic accidents.

“In 25 focused years trying to limit mice damages and costs, I have mostly felt like the losing side in my tiny war with the most effective and tiny animals. Having tried 10 snap traps deployed in 500-square-foot shop area, to poison bait, smelly oils and expensive sonic devices, I was only reducing some damages and only some of the time.

“In 2016, I realized the only practical answer was a barrier that physically excludes mice…” —Tom Sharp

Why the BoxKat?

• BoxKat’s patented flex sections allow the barrier to flex over uneven floor surfaces. Less than 1/4″ gaps at floor keep mice out.

• BoxKat’s plastic materials keep mice from climbing over.

• BoxKat’s 14″ high walls are too tall for the “house mouse” to jump over.

• BoxKat’s wall sections are easily connected with hook-and-loop fasteners plus a nut and bolt. The continuous walls keep mice out.

Mice Experiment
BoxKat personnel assembled a 15-square-foot enclosure and let 50 mice run free inside the test enclosure for 2 hours. No mice were able to escape and after 1 1/2 hours, 40 of the mice piled into a corner and took a nap. The 50-mice test proves how effective the BoxKat is at preventing mice from getting to vehicles.

Read more in this Daily Herald newspaper article on Tom Sharp and his BoxKat venture.

To learn more or buy, visit the BoxKat website.

Information obtained from manufacturer’s website.

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Sam Lunt
4 years ago

Rats can jump higher than mice. I read that they can jump 3 feet.

Tom Sharp
4 years ago

Thanks for the article Bob. I love being a Gizmo or Gadget, I think BoxKat is more a Gizmo and we hope to be a Gadget.
Gary Bunzer made a observation when I showed him the BoxKat at the Seattle RV Show and it came up again from one of your readers this weekend.
Placing the BoxKat around the wheels and axles of especially most Travel Trailers is a effective use and takes much less BoxKat All you need is 14” ofclearance under the trailer. A 5’ x 10’ for single axle and a 10’ x 10’ for duel axles would fit under many. Around axles helps to provide handy anchoring points on wheelbase locations.
If your levelers and jacks are climbable by mice then a bucket or length of large diameter PVC pipe or a plastic collar like the vet puts on your dog to keep him from licking stitches, will keep mice out.

Those low hanging mud/rock flaps could be a problem if within6-8” of ground.

I need to get some pictures online of this modified setup on a variety of RVs

Thanks again Tom Sharp
Chief Mouse Wrangler

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