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Avoid hitting low obstacles with avoidance system


giraffeG4One of the most feared circumstances some RVers face is hitting a low bridge, roof or other obstacle. Visit YouTube and search for videos of trucks and large RVs losing their rooftop air conditioners or even their roofs when passing beneath a bridge or entering a tunnel. Ouch!

The GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System addresses the overhead hazard problems that often face a trucker or RVer. It will alert a driver of hazards such as unmarked and mismarked bridges, railroad trestles, roads where asphalt has been added and the signs havenʼt been adjusted, tunnels, low-hanging tree limbs and building awnings that arenʼt marked at all. 

As the RV or truck approaches the obstacle, the mirror-mounted GiraffeG4 sends a signal at the speed of sound. A driver-programmable readout in the cab displays the hazard’s height. If the hazard is too low, a warning buzzer will sound, and the readout will flash the low height. If there is enough clearance, the sensor continues to measure the height of the hazard as the vehicle passes under the hazard.

The system plugs into a 12-volt receptacle for power. The price of the GiraffeG4 is about $260. Mounts for the mirror are available for any type of RV for about $20. Amazon sells the device with free shipping for Prime members.

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James Gorski
3 years ago

GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance is no longer available

3 years ago
Reply to  James Gorski

It is “currently unavailable” on Amazon. However, it appears to be available directly from

Chuck Bear
3 years ago
Reply to  James Gorski

Available from Manufacturer.

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