Bronco Sport. Too bad for RVers, it can’t be flat-towed


The Ford Bronco Sport has a tough job. It needs to live up to its Bronco nameplate, and be the most off-road capable crossover in the segment. If the Sport can do that, it will surely inject some much-needed interest into the otherwise boring compact crossover class. But Motor1 has just uncovered a drawback to choosing the Sport over the regular Bronco, and it’s the inability to flat tow the vehicle. RV owners, we are sorry.

For those unfamiliar, flat towing is when you pull a vehicle behind another vehicle with all four wheels on the ground. If you’ve seen an RV pulling a Jeep on the highway, that’s flat towing. Many people love to tow their off-road vehicle behind an RV, so they can park the motorhome on the campsite and use the off-roader to venture further into the wilderness. Motor1 asked Ford if this is possible in the Bronco Sport, and they responded with a “no” in the following statement:

“We did not engineer Bronco Sport for flat towing, as our research shows relatively few customers plan to tow Bronco Sports versus Bronco owners. However, we are always listening to our customers and are open to their feedback on desired future capabilities.”



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25 days ago

This is not accurate. The Ford Bronco can definitely be flat towed. It may depend on the drive train options but it is available.

25 days ago

Some people would like something cheaper and more reliable than a Jeep.

Tom Fitch
25 days ago

Why can’t it be flat-towed?

25 days ago
Reply to  Tom Fitch

For the same reason most other vehicles can’t….the transmission.

BILLY Bob Thronton
25 days ago


CORRECT THIS NOW. Why you ask, increased sales DUDES!!!!

25 days ago

I bet their research doesn’t know about Jeep Wranglers. No one flat tows them either. Sheesh.

Bob P
25 days ago
Reply to  Michael

Wranglers can be flat towed even with the automatic transmission. Put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in park, simple. If the Sport doesn’t have a 2 speed transfer case that’s probably why it can’t be flat towed. Jeep vehicles that don’t have 2speed transfer cases can’t be flat towed. The same applies to Subaru all wheel drive with automatic.

25 days ago

No worries, I’m keeping our Jeep anyway..