Brutal rainstorm and flooding, but we’re okay



By Chuck Woodbury

The dry creek behind our RV came close to overflowing and flooding the park. Lucky for us, the rain stopped just in time.

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in San Juan Bautista for the last week, causing flooding, road closures and power outages. If we hadn’t signed up for a month at the Betabel RV Park and committed to some repair tweaks on the motorhome, we would have headed off before the storm and avoided the torrential rains and flooding.

Lucky for Gail and me, we fared well. The dry creek behind the RV park came close to overflowing and causing havoc, but the rains stopped in the nick of time. Now, Thursday afternoon, the worst of the storm is over and the creek is receding.

Nearby Hollister made headlines around the country for the rescue efforts to save residents in danger due to flooding. Tom Birmingham of Hollister RV, where we are getting some work done, spent 12 hours with the local sheriff’s rescue team transporting residents in flooded areas to higher ground.

We lost power once for a few hours Tuesday evening, no big deal because our 12-volt system kicked in, allowing us to live normally. Power was out in close by Gilroy for longer. Residents there were forced to burn candles and stay warm with blankets.

The sun is out today, and expected to remain so for at least four or five days. We plan to begin our migration south to Arizona on Monday.


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Sheridan Ball

Hi Chuck. My wife Kathy and I were in the San Benito RV Park near Hollister during the Big Rain event. We came through it unscathed but it was an adventure. Glad you didn’t have any serious problems. Hope to have the opportunity to run into you one of these days. I thoroughly enjoy your Newsletter. Such a great resource for the RV community. Best wishes for you & Gail as your journeys continue.
Sheridan & Kathy Ball

Shannon Gallet

Hi Chuck,
Your former neighbors the Gallets here. Looks like we pulled out just in time, we haven’t had rain like that in years. Been watching the weather there as our S&B is in Felton about 1 hour north of San Juan Bautista on the Santa Cruz Mountains. This weather pattern is reminiscent of the floods of 1982. I know we need the rain, but….
Wanted to apologize for not stopping by and thank you for putting us in your newsletter and saying hi much too busy, maintenance on the house, yearly doctor and dentist appointments, rv repairs, visiting family, etc. Not enough time!;
And there was the RAIN! Safe travels. Just left Arizona Buckeye area was nice on our way to Florida. If you see us again, knock on the door and say hi. Richard and Shannon Gallet


We spent a week at Christmas at Betabel and that creek was bone dry. Hope you two keep your heads above water!

' Chuck" Maurice

Hey Chuck… How do you survive the noise of constant rain on your flat roof…..Even the use of the very best ears plugs leave something to be desired…..I often think of those folks in brick and mortar homes with metal roofs….Would drive me bonkers….. Everybody has a tad of Buck Rogers in their blood, so go on and Fly Away as the song goes to any place you wish to travel……….

Russ Hutchison

Keep on rambling,,haha…Love the news letter,and all the little things that you put in it.Good work !!!

Andy Mirdik

When you came out with the newly formatted newsletter you asked the readers to comment on the ads.
The one that is really obnoxious is the banner ad at the bottom of a page that crawls and pops up and down and never goes away., so as you’re trying to read your articles, this banner keeps moving into the story.. I would like to see this gone!