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Campers share the best advice they have ever received

It seems as if folks are always eager to offer advice. Wouldn’t you agree? People who gathered around the campfire with us recently shared the one, single piece of advice that’s been most helpful throughout their lifetime. I took note and thought you might enjoy some bits and pieces of our conversation, even if the advice didn’t necessarily have to do with RVing.


John spoke up immediately: “My dad told me to always keep on pushin’ forward. Life can be good, and life can sometimes be not so good. Just keep pushin’ forward.”

Meg shared, “No matter what. Trust your gut.” She explained that her first instinct or gut reaction usually proves best. She tries not to second-guess herself.

“Forgive others,” Dave chimed in. “Harboring ill will never hurts the person who hurt you. Unforgiveness just makes a person bitter.”


Cathi shared, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Jokester Al said, “Never follow elephants or horses in a parade.” Yep, that’s good advice all right!

“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” Roy said. “Also, never quit your job unless you have another job lined up first.”

“Be kind,” Amber added. “That’s it.”

Your turn for your best advice

What piece(s) of advice most influenced your life? Would you give the same advice to others today? If you’re willing, please share it with us in the comments below.

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1 month ago

Do everything you do as if God is looking!!

1 month ago

If you’re going to work for a man, at least work for him.

1 month ago

Never kick a warm {bleeped} on a hot day. – Ike

1 month ago

Love the Lord your God and your neighbor as yourself!

1 month ago

If you are going to drink and drive, Don’t Spill!

1 month ago

I don’t see any bad advice here- only that which is not taken.

1 month ago

Life is about choices.

Jere Jarrell
1 month ago

“If you don’t practice it you don’t believe it” You have to think about this advice😃

1 month ago

As a kid, my uncle and I were taking a bucket of water to the chickens. He told me to set the bucket down and put my thumb into the water, then to pull it out. He asked: “How big of a hole did your thumb leave?” I said that there was no hole left. He then said: “Never think that you are indispensable.” Basically “don’t get too cocky – don’t get too full of yourself”. I still carry that bucket of water with me.

1 month ago
Reply to  KellyR

I like that Kelly

1 month ago
Reply to  Drew

Listen to your teachers – but pay attention to your elders.

1 month ago

There is right and wrong in every thing in life. You have to decide what is best for you. It maybe the wrong thing for your friend but that is their decision to make. Don’t blame others for decisions you make.

Dennis L
1 month ago

The best advice I ever got and I share this with my friends and family often “Don’t sweat the small things “.

1 month ago

My Dad always said; “Make sure your house is paid off before you retire” I paid it off 25 years before retiring.

1 month ago

“Trust but verify.”

A Russian proverb made “famous” by President Ronald Reagan.

While Reagan used the phrase regarding the nuclear disarmament treaty he signed with Russia, this phrase relates to almost everything in our daily lives. Anyone working with an RV sales person should especially take note!!! 🙂

Val Catena
1 month ago

Hope for the best but plan for the rest! First heard that while in the military 40 years ago. Have tried to live that to best of my ability.

1 month ago

Not sure where I picked this up “The harder you work the luckier you get”

1 month ago

My dad used to say “Be independent”. It has served me well for many years.

1 month ago

“Always have an Ace in the hole.” This is not about cards; it is about your career and having an additional skill set, emergency kits, fire extinguisher, cash on your person, etc.
Basically, a back-up plan.

1 month ago

My dad always said it doesn’t hurt to ask. Just ask nicely. He got hotel rooms when they said they were booked, free desserts, moved to the front of the line, and more! I’ve tried this, and it works.

1 month ago

“Don’t suffer fools” my Dad used to say.

1 month ago

Every day above ground is a good day!

Bill Fisher
1 month ago
Reply to  Todd

You betcha!

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