Camping with sewers up close and personal

If you’re an avid RVer who spends some time in RV parks, you’ve noticed both crammed campsites and very often a neighbor’s sewer disposal within a few steps of your front door, and even more often your picnic table. Here are some examples photographed by our readers. I have not included their full names to prevent them from getting blackballed from the parks in the future. Send your photos to chuck (at) .

This setup is at site number 8 at Oak Plantation Campground in Charleston, South Carolina. Maybe have a family picnic here? Just be sure to tell the kids to not trip on the neighbor’s sewer hose. — Thanks to reader Dennis K. for sending this.

This was the view out the window of editor Chuck Woodbury at the KOA in Little Rock, Arkansas. What a lovely sight, not to mention the sewer gear within easy tripping distance! Don’t even start thinking about all the sewage that has been splashed over the ground nearby through the years.

This was the scene at the editor’s overnight campsite at the KOA in Provo, Utah. Imagine your child playing in this “front yard” of the campsite! Keep your little thumb-suckers indoors unless you’d like them to ingest a handful of bacteria.

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