Camping World customer afraid to drive his faulty RV


Camping World, which sells about 20 percent of new RVs each year in the United States, seems to some people to have perfected how to squeeze every dime possible out of a unit from unwary buyers (until after the purchase, that is).

In this interview from the syndicated radio program The RV Show USA, a listener from Massachusetts named Tom joins host Alan Warren by phone to explain the nightmare he has endured at the hands of Thor and Camping World. Tom is now afraid to drive his Class C motorhome. It’s a sad story with an uncertain ending.

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Michael Nistler

Consider writing a letter including a photo of the vehicle weight on each tire and another photo of the obvious weight imbalance, along with your write-up indicating the obvious DANGEROUS SAFETY issue. Ask CW to *certify in writing* by an authorized CW agent that the RV is safe to drive (knowing they would be negligent and liable).

As always, the almighty dollar is where the rubber meets the road, or as my bride say, “Money talks and BS walks!” I hope you find DOCUMENTATION will become your friend. At a minimum, I would write down their official CW statement of fact and have them sign and date the document (or record it).

Hoping for happier trails,
California Travel Videos


Camping World is famous for treating you nicely UNTIL you pay for the rig!! THEN the trouble starts!! The service people often have problems fixing units, they seem to never check out the rigs before delivering to the customer. THEY are overwhelmed by how many defects are delivered with the unit brand new. HE NEEDS to put a sign in his window of rig THIS IS A LEMON BOUGHT AT CAMPING WORLD AND THEY CANNOT FIX IT. DANGEROUS VEHICLE. RIP OFF FOR SURE. Does MA have a Lemon Law for RVs? I would suggest he take it to Minuteman Ford in Walpole MA to have it check out. WHAT is the GVWR of the vehicle? What was the weight empty and he said it is much heavier on drivers side which is nasty.

Patrick Granahan

Sounds like it is time for a good lawyer.

Captn John

He says “trust” ~~ how about trust but verify. The small things he is mentioning are found on all new units today regardless of manufacturer. He says he knows about weight then why did he not look at the cargo carrying capacity? Had he done so he would have known this unit was not capable of doing what he wanted. Why did he not notice the list to the driver side before purchase? Not defending Thor but he has some responsibility here too. Thor needs to fix the problems even if it means returning the unit to the factory. Dreaming of a refund is just a dream. Sorry for his problems and Thor needs to step up. Being derogatory to the company prior to the unit being fixed is not the best move.