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Camping World plans to open 40 Gander RV stores in 2019

In 2017 Camping World surprised the RV industry by purchasing the Gander Mountain retailer in a bankruptcy auction, reports Gear Junkie. Many assumed CW wanted to add more general camping and outdoors products to the CW line, but according to a press release, Camping World said that since the Gander acquisition, it has negotiated leases “for a number of the old Gander Mountain locations” where it believes it can grow its RV operation. 

“We have always viewed Gander Outdoors as the most cost-effective method to increase our RV sales presence and grow our Good Sam Club, particularly in key RV markets where we are under-penetrated,” said Marcus Lemonis, chairman and CEO of Camping World.

The first Gander RV store opened last month in Kenosha, Wisc., inside a Gander Outdoors store. Further such stores were expected to open in the state as well as in Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, New York, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Indiana. Camping World said it will launch Gander RV in 40 locations by spring 2019.

Not all former Gander Outdoors stores will reopen as RV stores, though, as some may not be a good market for RVs. 



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Gene Bjerke
5 years ago

We have had work done on our RVs at three different Camping Worlds and were unsatisfied with their work all three times. i will never darken the doors of a Camping World again.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

Well now, there’s 40 more stores for me to NOT patronize.

Phil Atterbery
5 years ago

We are on the road in the UP of MI. Noticed that a CW-OW has opened in Marquette MI. Didn’t have the time to stop. We’ll be here for two weeks so I’m sure something will come up. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Phil Atterbery
5 years ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

I should edit this. A new Gander Outdoor has opened in Marquette MI.

Pat OConnor
5 years ago

Would be a wonderful thing if CW could spend 1/2 the effort to grow Gander and try to “grow” their service end of the business. At some point, customers are going to realize the business model of sell, sell, sell just won’t work forever. When warranties, extended warranties, etc. are meaningless because the CW service departments can’t get the work done, somebody else will step in to pick up the slack.
It is unbelievable that we, as owners of mobile homes, let someone take our home from us for 1, 2 or 3 months to get service work done. I just pulled our rig out of a CW lot where it sat for 3 weeks, waiting to be “looked at” by a service tech. 3 weeks waiting to be looked at? C’mon man!!!
“Nuff said.

5 years ago

Too bad you closed comments when you ask questions like what class of motorhome should you buy or what size is too big?
Both are questions that will illicit very personal and subjective answers from most of the respondents. Personal requirements, based on need, usage, personal preferences, and budget are what determines what you should buy. Never someone else’s opinion. One size or platform does not fit all. That is why there are so many price points, colors,floor plans, and brands. I just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you for allowing me to do that. Where ever RV’ers gather that issue comes up, and the most opinionated and loudest are the only ones that get heard. They try to make it sound as if their way is only one way to go. That just isn’t right….

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