Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Absolutely dead. Fried. This RV is going nowhere

No question at all, this motorhome in San Bernardino, California has seen its last campground — it's now official a giant piece of toast....

RV burns in cemetery: now on to its own hereafter

We know nothing about what happened here, just the short video of the outcome, which is not pretty. It looks like the RV is...

Going, going gone. 5th wheel goes up in an instant!

This fifth wheel is gone in less than six minutes from the time of the first flame. By the time the fire department arrives,...

Fireball of flames doom this L.A. motorhome

https://youtu.be/P0PyZ7E4e40 This older motorhome in Los Angeles puts on quite a show, as flames and sparks leap high into the sky and eventually spread to...

Class C is wasted before fire department arrives

https://youtu.be/tt7Oh_3fBlw This older Class C parked in a driveway is beyond saving by the time the fire department arrives. It's just fortunate the fire didn't...

A RVer’s nightmare in a crowded RV park

https://youtu.be/4Y0oIQJmZCc This is really, really scary — pretty much any RVer's nightmare. Not only does the original RV burn, but it spreads to the neighbor's,...

Fire on the Vegas strip. RV dead on arrival

https://youtu.be/McEUn2RpAj4 Ride with a Clark County fire truck down the Las Vegas strip to a motorhome on fire in front of the Treasure Island Casino....

Christmas Day fire destroys RV. Friends chip in to help

https://youtu.be/Ta5YyALfPAw On Christmas Day (2018) Mike and Becky Reeves from LivingTheDashRV.com were preparing their Christmas Day dinner when tragedy suddenly struck. Water and hot cooking...

No chance of saving this motorhome

https://youtu.be/xNEfy0xB4kc This motorhome in Hayward, California is long gone by the time the fire department arrives. So here again is a reminder, to be fire...

RV fire is caught quickly, but the rig is likely a total loss

https://www.youtube.com/embed/jksfIdXxN74 This fire in this late model gas motorhome appears to have started in the front, perhaps the engine. Fire fighters were able to stop...

Burning trailer pops, crackles and hissles like bonfire

https://www.youtube.com/embed/sP2eL9mzcIY You're reminded yet again now combustable an RV is, and how fast they burn. This burning travel trailer pops, crackles and hissles like a...

RV fire burns quickly along busy street

https://www.youtube.com/embed/oYurme-S9MY This older motorhome parked along a busy street in Chula Vista, Calif., is toast before the fire fighters arrive. It's amazing how fast this...

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