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RVers evicted from RV park for receiving a FedEx delivery

From editor: Update Aug. 4, 2020: Below the video at the end of this post is a link to the website page of the...

RV park reopens: Owner says “Be careful what you wish for!”

By Andy Zipser WALNUT HILLS CAMPGROUND AND RV PARK STAUNTON, VIRGINIA To that notable curse “May you live in interesting times,” we now can add the warning,...

Boondocking gone wrong: One woman’s experience

We found this post by Suzanne Anthony on her blog "Take To The Highway." What she wrote echoes what we are hearing so often...

Why Walmart is banning RV overnight stays at more stores

We ran a survey last week, asking readers if they believed Walmart would still allow overnight stays in its store parking lots in five...

When you “camp” at Walmart, do you ask the store for permission?

You're supposed to ask a manager or employee if you can camp at Walmart overnight in their parking lot, but many people don't, and it's not...

RV park owner Andy Zipser: My park’s open, but campers are angry!

By Andy Zipser WALNUT HILLS CAMPGROUND AND RV PARK STAUNTON, VIRGINIA It has been three months, more or less, since the world got turned upside down, three months...
Campground Office Sign

Top 10 complaints RV park managers have about campers

By Nanci Dixon In last week's issue, I told you about the top 5 complaints campers voice at the RV park office. This week I...

Reader photos: Another ugly RV park

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR We've established this fact through the last few years: RV parks around the USA come in three versions: Good, bad and ugly. You...
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Here are the top 5 complaints to the RV park office

By Nanci Dixon We are park hosts in a huge regional park. There are a variety of things that make for not-so-happy campers. Have you...

Update on Virginia RV park devastated by governor’s shut down order

Andy Zipser and his wife, Carin, are the owners of the Walnut Hills Campground & RV Park in Staunton, Virginia. We wrote recently about...

What would you do if Walmart stopped allowing overnight RV stays?

EDITOR'S NOTE: A few weeks ago, we asked you what you would do if Walmart totally banned the practice of overnight RV parking in...

KOA closing some parks by order of governments

UPDATED: April 9, 2020 Below is an updated list of KOA campgrounds that are closed due to local government orders. We will continue to update...

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