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RV park owner Andy Zipser: My park’s open, but campers are angry!

By Andy Zipser WALNUT HILLS CAMPGROUND AND RV PARK STAUNTON, VIRGINIA It has been three months, more or less, since the world got turned upside down, three months...

No hot water shows RVer his rig is in big hot water

By Russ and Tiña De Maris A man who owns a new Forest River Vibe, one of the company’s “ultra light” travel trailers, had a...

Will the Pandemic ruin our RVing future?

By Chuck Woodbury In yesterday's newsletter, we asked readers if they believe the worst of the current pandemic is now behind us. As I write...

Sales of RVs are booming. Why? What does it mean?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR The RV Industry Association (RVIA) is reporting that sales of RVs have increased 170 percent since this time last year. Coast to...

Would the “experts” who read RVtravel.com please go away

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR What if you threw a party? Maybe it was a surprise birthday party. Maybe it was a July 4th party that you...

RV park reopens: Owner says “Be careful what you wish for!”

By Andy Zipser WALNUT HILLS CAMPGROUND AND RV PARK STAUNTON, VIRGINIA To that notable curse “May you live in interesting times,” we now can add the warning,...

A personal tribute to Gary Bunzer

By Diane McGovern aka Mountain Mama An editor at RVtravel.com As all who knew Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, are aware, he was truly one of...

It’s Chuck Woodbury’s birthday. Here’s a special note to him

By Emily Woodbury Happy Birthday, Dad (or Chuck Woodbury, as you know him)! My dad has been "stuck" (I say that lightly because actually he's quite...

How many RVers are behind on their loan payments?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR More than 3.4 million Americans could not make their home mortgage payments in April. That's about 6.4 percent of all mortgages. It made...

Update on Virginia RV park devastated by governor’s shut down order

Andy Zipser and his wife, Carin, are the owners of the Walnut Hills Campground & RV Park in Staunton, Virginia. We wrote recently about...

A promise between Gary the guitar guy and Mike the keyboard guy

By Mike Sokol Promises to keep ... I just ran across a guitar pick that Gary Bunzer gave me at the last Hershey RV Show. When...

How a caring RV park owner acts in hard times

If you have read RV park owner Andy Zipser's essay posted April 3, then you know the state of Virginia has banned him, and...

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