Friday, June 5, 2020

Will your RV be banned from your neighborhood?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR When I am not traveling I keep my motorhome parked by the side of my house on a level gravel surface created...

How a caring RV park owner acts in hard times

If you have read RV park owner Andy Zipser's essay posted April 3, then you know the state of Virginia has banned him, and...

“RV park of the future” misses the mark

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Our story in last Sunday's newsletter titled "Is new self-service RV park the wave of the future" has already been read 102,000...

Would the “experts” who read RVtravel.com please go away

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR What if you threw a party? Maybe it was a surprise birthday party. Maybe it was a July 4th party that you...

Our first blow from the coronavirus

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR We don't rely on paid advertising to fund our website and daily newsletters. It helps, but it's not our main source of...

RVing headed into a confusing place

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Keep your eyes open for ads and commercials for KOA, the large chain of mostly franchised RV parks. Chances are better than...

Action needed: Keep RV parks open

A message from the Escapees Club RV parks across the country are closed/closing in response to state and local orders. Most states are allowing individual...

From editor Chuck Woodbury, hiding out in Arizona

From the editor As I noted in my essay in today's newsletter, I know two people with the COVID-19. One has died, the other is...

The dysfunctional RV industry and you. Part 3

Did you miss part one or two of this series? Read them here. PART THREE Cars made by American car manufacturers in the mid-20th century would...

My rude, noisy neighbor. Good riddance!

By Chuck Woodbury At about 8:30 Thursday morning, my neighbor fired up his very loud diesel-powered Dodge Ram pickup. He was preparing to leave the...

Airstream’s far-out (wacky?) ideas of the future

By Chuck Woodbury There is a principle in business: Always make enough improvement in your products each year so you can sell your customers the...

“Does the propane tank have to be empty before refilling?”

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR We get questions like this at RVtravel.com every day. In most cases we advise the person to type the question into Google,...

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