Friday, May 29, 2020

RVing headed into a confusing place

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Keep your eyes open for ads and commercials for KOA, the large chain of mostly franchised RV parks. Chances are better than...

Why do you “camp”?

There's some question whether traveling in a comfy RV is "camping," but a lot of us still call it that. Regardless, most of us...

The readers write — with many reservations

  Edited by Russ and Tiña De Maris Campground site shortage Dave Piposzar wrote, "I think the shortage of campground spaces might be partially addressed by charging...

Reader seeks input about ‘Extreme’ RV siding problem

  From editor Chuck Woodbury I received this email from reader Kate Perrie about a serious condition with cracking paint on the exterior of her motorhome. I...

My rude, noisy neighbor. Good riddance!

By Chuck Woodbury At about 8:30 Thursday morning, my neighbor fired up his very loud diesel-powered Dodge Ram pickup. He was preparing to leave the...
You better believe it

This RV has a giant sunroof!

Roll your tongues back in your heads, fellas. Perhaps a more technically correct headline would read, "Top-down RV ahead." It's all part of an...

Best laid plans…

Hi folks, I know some of you saw that the site was experiencing problems for a while on Thursday afternoon. We had a little dust...

Editorial: Please give us a break

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR We have published nearly 6,000 articles on this website and ten thousand more on previous renditions that we lost when we switched...

RVer takes pride in cheating campground reservation system

We found this on the Facebook group Florida RV Camping. It made us mad. Why do some people think they do not need to...

From editor Chuck Woodbury, hiding out in Arizona

From the editor As I noted in my essay in today's newsletter, I know two people with the COVID-19. One has died, the other is...

Why do you travel?

    We recently received an email from Dave Laton, D.Min., who suggested a new topic of discussion for our newsletter: "Why we travel." He wrote...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Celebrating the American cowboy

By Len Wilcox The last Saturday of July (July 27th this year) is the National Day of the Cowboy. The cowboy began in the Southwest. The...

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