Monday, April 12, 2021

Buy an RV through craigslist?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Shopping for a used RV can exercise your PQ — patience quotient. Many RV shoppers have a list of...

Avoid this dangerous situation when hooking up to sewer

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, Readers Don and Carol Callahan sent me this alarming photo and the message: "Many RV parks have sewer and water connects in...

RVs parked too close together: Carbon monoxide fumes kill five

By Chuck Woodbury editor, Originally published in October, 2011 It's so sad what happened two weeks ago: five people died in a rented RV at a...

Want a good night’s sleep? Then don’t camp here!

By Chuck Woodbury editor, You want a peaceful night's rest? Then don't camp by railroad tracks. If you've been RVing for long, you know that's no...

If you’re not willing to do two things, don’t buy an RV

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service How do buyers decide which RV to buy? They focus on interior design and floor plans. Manufacturers know this and...

Needed: a new kind of campground

By Chuck Woodbury, editor I wrote this a couple of years ago after returning from a cross country trip in my motorhome. For whatever...

Why a used motorhome is a better value

Courtesy Motorhomes of Texas   When buying a big motorhome the question is: buy new or used? If you want the best overall deal the hunt...

Overweight RVs: An industry and consumers’ problem

By Greg Gerber editor, RV Daily Report There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about overweight RVs. Most of the talk centers around...

Who makes the best RV?

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service   Given that I spend a good deal of time working on RVs, I'm often asked who makes the best...

Ask the RV Tech: How much value is there in RV forum advice?

Steve Savage Mobility RV Service In my opinion, the more you know, the less value there is in following these sites — and the less you...

Feedback on towing fifth wheels with half-tons – Part 2

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service My earlier rambling about towing with half-ton-rated trucks brought me a good deal of email and I have promised...

Buying an RV without slideouts is a big mistake

by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Considering the purchase of any type of RV without slideouts? Think again! I know, I know. You're going to...

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