Saturday, December 7, 2019
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Honoring Old Bill

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS Williams, Arizona, is a place that has always piqued my interest. It’s high up in the pines, about 30 miles west...

Why do you “camp”?

There's some question whether traveling in a comfy RV is "camping," but a lot of us still call it that. Regardless, most of us...

What to do about homeless RV dwellers: Seattle has a plan

By Bob Difley A group of researchers in the homeless-plagued city of Seattle in collaboration with the Seattle and King County Housing Authorities enacted a...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Storming Area 51? Let’s not

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS You can take a joke too far, as a young man from Bakersfield, CA, found out recently. He didn’t realize that...

Stopping full-time RVing like a “hot potato”?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR A reader wrote to me with this comment. I thought I would share it with you in case you were interested. He wrote: Dear...

Will Australian court case embolden U.S. RV industry to go after critics?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When Australian Tracy Leigh started a Facebook group called Lemon Caravans & RVs, she probably never expected to wind...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Celebrating the American cowboy

By Len Wilcox The last Saturday of July (July 27th this year) is the National Day of the Cowboy. The cowboy began in the Southwest. The...

The fast-fading Good Sam Club

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I was browsing through some really old issues of RVtravel.com and came across this news item about the Good Sam Club from...

What if RV makers made airplanes? Would you fly in one?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR My father owned a small plane, a twin-engine Piper Comanche. I flew with him often, mostly for pleasure, but sometimes I hired...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: “The Bad Men from Bodie”

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS In the shadow of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, north of Mono Lake between Lee Vining, California, and Hawthorne, Nevada, is the...

How RVtravel.com is promoting the interests of RVers

It's time for an update of some of our projects we are undertaking or promoting. • Our idea for an inexpensive chain of reservable overnight...

RVing in Japan. The RVs are small, but the fun the same

Guest essay By Russ Veillard The author is a voice actor who divides his time living in the Seattle area and Japan. Among his many acting...

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