Friday, December 13, 2019

I want this! Have you ever seen an RV so cute?

I just found this photo on a website called Glamper Life. It's the cutest little motorhome I have ever seen. Actually, it's not an RV...

Lonely Mina, Nevada. Not a ghost town, but close

Mina, Nevada, along lonely U.S. 95, is a few dozen homes, a few businesses, a tiny post office and one or two gas stations....

Was (or is) this doll a real live person?

This is not a girl, but a doll. I spotted it in a Snohomish, Wash., antique store. Don't you think a real girl modeled...

Quick: Can you name this restaurant?

By Chuck Woodbury Quick . . . what's the name of this restaurant? I snapped this photo a long time ago, back in my black-and-white...

Do you get songs stuck in your head?

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL No matter how hard you try, do you sometimes get a catchy tune stuck in your head? I do, and it...

Man puts RV on cruise control, walks back to make coffee

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL I likely "got you" with that headline, but rest assured you are not the first to fall for this urban legend....

Why I never liked camping in a tent

Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JORNAL Originally posted on an early version of this website on Feb. 2, 2003 A reporter asked me recently why I enjoy RVing so...

Most RVers keep to themselves

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL It occurred to me recently that people in RV parks act a lot like they do at home: They keep to...

My childhood hometown morphed into someplace else

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL I grew up to my mid-teens in the last half of the 20th century in a suburb of Los Angeles. My...

Some thoughts from the road

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Here are a few of the many short observations I've written through the years. Back when I traveled alone, when a...

Chipmunk Wars: Man battles rodents, rodents win!

By Chuck Woodbury WRITTEN IN 1987 Note: Before I became politically correct and nature-smart, I fed wild animals. I fed bears as a kid in Yellowstone....

Hard to believe an RV park hookup could be so stupid!

By Chuck Woodbury Here's the water-hookup situation at my campsite at an RV park in Springfield, Illinois. I just found this photo. I took it...

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