Friday, February 21, 2020

Visit the home of the Simpsons

  By Chuck Woodbury Springfield, Ore., next door neighbor to Eugene, is the home of the TV cartoon series "The Simpsons." That's according...

RVtravel.com editor video message for Jan. 14, 2017

  RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury has a short message for the readers of RVtravel.com. He spoke a little about why he wrote about traveling to...

Needless deaths on the RV highway

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com This was originally published in January, 2012 There was a terrible traffic accident last week. A rented motorhome with 13 people on...

Thoughts about throwing things away

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in March, 2010 I'm now in my second week at my late-parents' home in Grass Valley, Calif., cleaning the place...

Pioneer museums and barbed wire, ‘the Devil’s rope’

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com  One of my favorite things to do when traveling with my RV is to visit rural pioneer museums. Most are not...

The tree stump that refuses to die

  The stump that wouldn't die Normally when you cut down a tree and leave a stump, it dies. Eventually it rots and other plants...

Frown and say ‘Cheese’

  By Chuck Woodbury The next time someone asks you to smile for a photo, go ahead and frown. No big deal! I was in a...

How times change. What’s next?

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com  Originally published in April, 2011 I watched an old Hollywood musical the other night, "Meet Me In St. Louis" starring Judy Garland....

Update on getting ready for full-timing

By Chuck Woodburyeditor, RVtravel.comA quick note as we go to press with issue 753 of the RV Travel Newsletter.I thought I had my condo sold...

Video: How Main Street fought early mail order catalogs

  By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Here's a bit of historical trivia about how Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs challenged Main Street and what Main...

Do you have a last name? What’s wrong with you?

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL In America, you know you have made it when you no longer need a last name. I still have...

Devils Tower and the Jolly Green Giant

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in August, 2010 One of the reasons I wanted to drive my daughter Emily to college in New York was...

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