Monday, October 19, 2020

I miss my darkroom!

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Written in January, 2012 The photo is of me in my first motorhome printing black and white photos in my portable darkroom....

A terrific hobby for RVers: photography

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Last week I told you about the portable darkroom I once carried with me in my motorhome. What I didn't tell...

“RVing” versus “camping”

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Many years ago, I wrote about how the terms RVing and camping differ. RVing, I suggested, is a good term to describe...

Do campgrounds cause cancer?

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com I wrote this in February, 2012 Do California campgrounds cause cancer or birth defects? Well, maybe so. No kidding! If you see the...

I want to go to Mars

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com I dream of going to Mars. When I see a photo (or illustration as below) about life on Mars I get...

Yikes! What a hat!

I spotted this mannequin in a New York City store window. How about that hat? Where do you suppose someone would wear it? Not when...

Motel offers free rooms. But maybe few takers?

The Idle-A-While Motel in Twisp, Washington is cute as can be with its white, yellow-framed cottages. It advertises all the usual motel creature comforts...

Weird superstitions about death and dying

Here are a few superstitions about death and dying that I learned about from a pamphlet at the Missoula Cemetery. PASSING A CEMETERY: Hold...

One-of-a-kind motorhome on display in Polson, Montana

You won’t see another motorhome like this one, which I found at the wonderful Miracle of America Museum in Polson, Montana. The plan is...

More ammo than you ever imagined in rural Nevada

No matter which direction you drive into Hawthorne, Nev., you will be fascinated with the miles of countless bunkers surrounding the small desert town. But if...

Do you take naps? I do

  I like to take naps. I've taken naps for most of my life. But I have noticed lately that I now take them more...

Are RVers introverts or extroverts?

Are most RVers introverts? Well, that is surely what an RVtravel.com reader survey suggests. In fact, it shows that RVers are overwhelmingly introverts —...

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