Friday, May 29, 2020

Do you take naps? I do

  I like to take naps. I've taken naps for most of my life. But I have noticed lately that I now take them more...

Are RVers introverts or extroverts?

Are most RVers introverts? Well, that is surely what an RVtravel.com reader survey suggests. In fact, it shows that RVers are overwhelmingly introverts —...

A visit with Sky King

If you know what I am referring to when I mention "Sky King," then you are probably at least 60 years old. Sky King was...

Why is a water view so important?

A "lake view" space just opened up at the RV park where I'm staying. I'm tempted to pull up and move there. But I...

The man who taught a dog to talk

Alexander Graham Bell is remembered mostly for inventing the telephone. But did you know he once taught a dog to talk? Bell, born in Scotland,...

Rude behavior on the road

I have been on the road now for 12 days. All together, I have pulled over about 20 times to let the car behind...

Is this motorhome beautiful or ugly?

This is the actual interior of a motorhome. I will make 10 or 11 people in America (and maybe a few in Canada) angry...

Mac and cheese and guilt

I wonder if some nights around dinner time if Bill Gates chooses to cook a package of macaroni and cheese. Does he, with all...

Cheated out of raisins

  After a trip to the grocery store in Elkhart, Indiana, I was reminded of how food companies play tricks on us with their packaging....

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